Dreaming Of Writing A Book?

Dreaming of Writing a Book by Earma Brown

Are you dreaming of writing a book? If so, does this sound familiar?

  • You’re tired of people telling you should have a book in place working for you. The last time some one said it, you secretly laughed because you know a book should be in your future. You’ve been thinking about it for the longest. Now you’re tired of hearing about how it will be like a big business card. Worse, you’re STILL no closer to getting it done or pulling it all together
  • You’ve worked your business to a certain level but it needs a shot in the arm. You need a boost to up level your fees. As much as you love working with your clients, you’re exhausted. You’d love to make money “while you’re sleeping” – not just for more free time but so you won’t be terribly affected by the feast and famine cycle of hourly client work. (Wouldn’t it be great to have passive and residual income streaming into your accounts month after month and day after day, that aren’t connected to how many hours you’re putting in?)
  • You’ve been speaking. Now every time you speak, either in person or on a teleclass, you get lots of people asking if you have a book. You know you’re leaving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the table because you don’t have your core message in book form. You’re ready to just get it done, already!
  • You’re frustrated that you haven’t made the BIG splash in the world with your experience and expertise (like you know you should) because, even though you’re doing all you know to do, people still don’t recognize your name yet because you’ve been “thinking too small.” You’ve heard when you’re ready to learn, the teacher shows up. You’ve been asking, what does one need to do to get started playing BIG like you know you’re destined to play? (Would it be wonderful or not to have someone take you by the hand show you the way?)
  • Everyone says “the money is in your list”…but they leave out HOW to finally connect the dots to your book and list not to mention how to create and grow your list! Even after you figured it out, you’ve been stuck at under 1000 (or even 100) people on your list for YEARS and you can’t figure out how to break the glass ceiling and grow your list FAST.
  • You’re ready to get clarity and distill your information into a core concept. Better yet, you have clarity and your core concept. But you can’t figure out how to pull it all together and bring it to market, not to mention make money with it. You’re ready to experience the big payday everyone always talks about? (You’ve barely seen anyone selling books. You aren’t “making money in your sleep”), so how are other people doing it?

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