Draw The BIG Picture With A Book Outline

Mind mapping is a good way to start, organize and finish your book faster. You can create the mind map on a sheet of paper or use mind mapping software.  Mind mapping is a color coded outline using main ideas, sub-topics and details written on different branches connected to a center. In the center circle, your core (main) idea like your book title or chapter title, if you are outlining one of your chapters. Many of us are visual learners. And because a book is long, it can be difficult to keep the whole thing straight in our mind. For some I know mind mapping will be just the thing to get you started and moving toward completion. You’ll soon discover mind mapping your ideas of what you’d like your book to contain gives you an overview. Here are four top benefits to mind mapping your book.

1. Encourages creative thinking. In using the mind mapping outline method, there are no strict rules of traditional outlining. You don’t have to try and fit ideas into a linear outline. Mistakes are not mistakes at all. With mind mapping you can easily follow what looks like a mistake into new creative territory. When you get a new idea, just add another branch to the circle. In my experience, mind mapping encourages creative thinking which leads to better writing and more usable ideas.

2. Less is more. Because in this outlining method, you use only two -three keywords on a branch, less is more. While working with less keywords and a streamlined approach, you can gain clarity and focus with your writing much faster. The key words prompt your memory for what your chapter is about. For example, in my “House for Each Chapter” mind map one of the vertical branches was “repeating elements”. Then the sub-topics on the horizontal lines were: Intro, quote, story, teaching points, pull quotes, summary and questions.

3. Speeds up outlining process. You don’t have to deal with blank pages or a blank mind. Sit down with your color coded map and select a chapter to write. Many have told me their writing flows much easier from their branches and lines of sub-topics. If you don’t have enough information, just go to your book’s file folders of research and pull more information or ideas. Or you can use the q/a session to come up with more material.

4. Communicates big picture. You can more easily create a memes (short story) with the mind mapping method. Condensing your thesis, chapter titles and chapter contents down to key words brings clarity. Just like in the business world, clarity equals sales power. When you can communicate the big picture of your message in clarity the more compelling your book will be. And we all know the more compelling your book is the more book sales you will receive.

Congratulations! You are on your way. If you’re following along with me in the B.I.G. Dream Evolution or already in our updated 100DaysToABook.com course and membership. By now you should have your thesis, what problem your book will solve, your book’s working title, your chapter working titles and for some even your rough draft of table of contents.

After seeing the benefits of an outline, you can easily mix and incorporate different methods into one that suits you. For example, I often mix the linear style list and q/a outline with the mind mapping style.

You can easily use either method to outline your book. Or use them both (linear outline or mind mapping) to start, organize and complete your book faster.

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