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Are you ready to get started writing and finish publishing your very own book? There’s a Celebrity Author in the World Today and it’s YOU… This New Kind of Author is…

  • The Author That Wants To Share Her Message With The World
  • The Aspiring Author That Wants To Write A Lead Generating Book
  • The Speaker And Doctorate Business Expert That Wants To Get Thousands Of Readers
  • The Expert That Wants To Master Book Publishing And Create Life Long Multiple Money Streams

Real Authors Make an Impact by Publishing A Book And Creating Multiple Book Money Streams. Publishing a book is one of the fastest ways to get better clients, get paid more, and stop trading dollars for hours. But the question that may be on your mind is:
How Do I Write a book in 100 days or Less so I can make money and create a lifestyle business doing this? Or If I Do Write And Publish The Book, What and How Do I Get More Leads And Create Multiple Money Streams?

The New Book Model

Today, A Newly Released Edition of The New Book Model and companion membership Signature Book Camp has arrived – which includes The Speak To Book Formula, The FASTER Formula, and The Ultimate BUILDD System A Comprehensive Blueprint for Writing Books Fast!

Dear Coach, Speaker, Expert and Doctorate Professional:

Do you want to create a profitable lead generating book that produces leads for you or your business 24/7? Would you like to know how I created a lifestyle business of 21 books, 12 courses, premium memberships, in less than 5 years? STARTING WITH ONE BOOK AND SERVING MY AUDIENCE EACH STEP OF THEIR JOURNEY

  • No More Sitting around and waiting for your dreams to come true.
  • No More Hoping that one day you can become an author.
  • And No More BACK OFF from planning, writing, publishing and promoting.

Today is YOUR day. Here’s the best part… When you get my 100 Days To A Book you could get two Massive Results:

  • A completed manuscript written the profitable way the first time.
  • Scores of hot leads each week generated from your book.

Previously, writing a book the old way, I got no leads month after month. Even the people I mustered up enough courage to tell about my book, they were not interested and some even told me so. I began searching for a way to effectively get the word out to people who I knew would be interested.

So, I worked on connecting with my audience aka building author platform.
I researched and took classes about marketing. I learned from my mentors and my competitors, even from the Internet trolls who bashed my work. I took the comments and willing to see any real problem(s) and worked to implement a solution in my work. Eventually, the light bulb came on and I began to see results.

At my first attempt at generating leads during the process of writing a book, I landed a book-in-conference bag feature. Do you know how I landed 3 speaking engagements almost at the same time as the book feature? IMPLEMENTING ONE ELEMENT OF THE BUILDD FORMULA
But none of this is possible if you don’t sign up for 100 Days To A Book now.
You need to know that it is entirely realistic and possible to start getting highly profitable leads in a few days from now.
This is how…

How To Write And Publish A Book Fast!

You need 3 simple Tools To Succeed in Writing A Book Fast And Creating Multiple Money Streams:

SELECT Formula
Tool # 1:
6 Step Formula For Choosing A Book Topic
I know something about SUCCESSFUL PLANNING and I know something about Failing Because of Lack Of Planning for book writing and life in general.

When I was writing one of my earlier books, I had the benefit of a mentor that was giving me little suggestions. I was writing and writing and then writing some more. Until she finally said, Earma if you keep going with all this writing you’ll end up with a monster of a book that no one will read because of all the endless words. If you must have all these words, you should section it into parts and if you have more, which I did you should consider theming it and separating into several books. I ignored her sarcasm and took all her advice. My first trilogy of books were born.

Now I do my proper planning. If I discover I have a lot to say about a certain topic, I don’t immediately cut for the sake of cutting. Instead, I start thinking of ways I can serialize, productize and even up-level the content with courses and memberships. It’s one of the reasons I have so many books and products with unique content in each item.

It has become my life’s work instead of creating product after product without theme or a unified system. And I seek to take my customers and students along with me on each step of the journey. It’s why I became America’s Book Success Coach. Also, it’s where the Book Success Academy was birthed, the pursuit of better and bigger results and to become more effective.

Because I remained teachable and followed my mentor’s instructions after trying to write the monster book. …Today, I have not only my books, and my customers’ and students’ books to show for it, I also teach in four areas of the Authorpreneur and Indie Publisher’s journey.

There’s Nothing Like ROCKING IT with books and getting paid for it. So with that said, what’s your message? How do you want to make your mark on this earth? It’s time to get your book written now, by creating a powerful lead generating book that will help you start creating multiple money streams TODAY and at the very least, in 100 days or less. But first, You need to plan your book and My Course Shows You:

  • How To Create A Working Title to Generate Leads With Starting Before You Even Write One Word. I used the working title of my book barely written to implement a little known technique ‘Forthcoming Book’ using my email signature. It’s the second technique in the BUILDD Formula. It can be implemented in a few minutes but can be powerful in results.
  • How to Implement 10 Elements On Your Book’s Cover To Generate More Leads. How One Tweak Caused This Mans Self Published Book Go From Selling A Few Hundred To Selling Thousands Of Books! Want To Know How He Did It?
  • Identify profitable niche markets that are looking for and can pay for the problems you specialize in solving and the dreams you can help them achieve. I used the SELECT method to drill down to a tiny niche market that I volunteered in back in the day, once I pinpointed it I found thousands of readers and many willing to buy the book I especially wrote for them.


How To Create 24/7 Lead Generating Books And Develop Multiple Money Streams That Produce Life Long Income & My Secret On How I Create Successful Series In A Few Minutes

Brand New To Writing, NO PROBLEM!
Don’t Know How To Sell More Books, NO PROBLEM
Don’t Know How To Generate Leads With A Book, NO PROBLEM!


Tool # 2 : The Ultimate Guide To Write Or Speak A Compelling Book That You & Your Readers Love!

People ask me all the time how I Wrote So Many Books In Such A Short Time. THREE WORDS THAT START WITH S… Strategy, Story And System.
I have developed the most comprehensive book writing formula in the business. One of the most important aspects of writing a quality book fast is STRATEGY. Within a good strategy lies a plan. In the book literary world that translates to outline which leads to a table of contents.

According to where you are in skill level, your eyes may be glazing over now. But have no fear or confusion. We take you by the hand and lead you step by step to lay this important foundation of book writing.

One of the other important aspects of any compelling book is STORY including nonfiction. You will learn to fulfill the three top reasons people read books and get more life long readers that want to read everything you write.

Your Brand Story –Your story of why you do what you do inspires People To Become Who They’ve always dreamed Of Becoming. I’ve discovered one of the hidden reasons that people ask how did you get started doing what you do translates to I want to know how I can do it too or at least something similar.

Your Personal Story – Raw and Vulnerable Storytelling With Credibility Built In Case Stories About Your Clients – This Handles 90% of the Objections to buying and reading your book. Your readers get to know and like you.
If they know and like you, they trust you. If they trust you, they buy from you. Imagine Creating Stories about your book’s topic that are so compelling, people are salivating to buy your book and join your programs before you ever release or make an offer for your program.

The third import aspect of your compelling book writing is system. You need a TIME-TESTED writing, publishing and promotion SYSTEM. Legendary quality guru Dr. W. Edwards Demin’s research found 94% of all failures come from lack of a time-tested system. Therefore, the fastest and easiest way to succeed with almost anything is to find a time-tested system, learn it and apply it.

Over the past two decades, I’ve written and published over twenty books. Additionally, we’ve trained hundreds of experts worldwide to write, publish and market their books. Along with my experience, I have observed the systems, strategies and techniques of other luminaries and what they use to publish, promote successfully, and manage to stand out in the crowd in their field.

I put the BIG Dream System including the New Book Model program into practice myself to produce my twenty books including a couple of Amazon best selling books and those of my clients. This program is a powerful mix of those time-tested methods into a exclusive publishing and promotion system that gets results.

Do you get stuck with creating an outline? Or like I was, trying to fit everything you know about the subject into one big monster book? You might be at the other end of the spectrum staring at a blank screen for too long wondering what to write next?

One last scenario, you have too much information and too may parts you lack the know-how to pull it all together. Either way, you can pick and choose from our big collection of over 50 book writing plans, strategies and outlines, to jumpstart your writing. We train you how to create and input your stories inside your book and marketing materials. Finally, you’ll have a bird’s eye view with the complete system to writing or speaking your book fast.

When I was thirty-two (always have been a late bloomer) I was struggling to pull it all together to write my book. I had no outlines. It was hard for me to pin down all the ideas, so I was scattered in focus a lot. Yet, I refused to give up. I kept learning and writing each book topic that I felt passion for, one by one. Whatever I learned from one, I would implement in all areas. I still love doing that. I started sharing what I learned with my growing audience as well.

I felt discouraged when people would tell me you write too simple or you should go get a real vocation. Maybe you should quit and do something else. Today, I’m called a bookologist and America’s Book Success Coach with twenty books and counting on the market.

Tool #3: The Lead Generators Toolkit 30 Days Of Leads For Your Book

The Ultimate BUILDD A Book Kit – A 21 Point Worksheet To Design Your Book Into A Lead Generator. Imagine a Simple Formula that shows you:

  • How To Regularly Get Leads That Translates To Sales
  • How To Make A Free Gift That Will Double Your Sales
  • The Secret To Media Lead Magnets That Your Book Must Have
  • 3 Mistakes To Avoid That Will Kill Your Lead Magnets
  • How To Increase Your Pricing Through The Power of Story and Client Case Studies

The Ultimate BUILDD A Book Kit Comes with Printable Planners, and Worksheets To Rock Your Leads and Sales From the front of the book to the back of the book.

Yes, You too can have a Lucrative Publishing and Book Business with multiple income streams from the start.

  • It’s time to start selling books from the back of the book as well as back of the room, so you stop trading time for dollars in the one to one model.
  • It’s time to create a clear and compelling presentation, that rocks and inspires your audience.
  • It’s time to design the Ultimate Lead Generating Book that your readers and you will love!
  • If you create a 24/7 lead generating book… Master Your Book Writing Process so you can go to market faster and get bigger, better results
  • Create a compelling book that your readers will love to share, And Get Them To Go To Your Website, Sign Up For Your Email List and Facebook Group…
  • You would be off to a FAST START To Getting More Leads, Credibility And Cash.

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Click below to download the Ultimate BUILDD Formula Guide & Book Money Plan

YOU CAN build a profitable 24/7 lead generating book, publish it in multiple formats, promote it and create multiple streams of income while making the world a better place. Sign-up for this amazing course Signature Book Camp along with guides, tools, templates and get started today!

How to author and publish a book that attracts fresh leads 24/7 and creates multiple money streams using the twelve pillars of success.

Inside this course/membership, you’ll receive a series of multi media trainings that give you the formulas, tutorials, strategies, and resources you need to author a lead-generating book. This includes how to:

•Write and Publish Your Book using the New Book Model, a step by step guide,” an overview of the powerful and effective system hundreds of book authors have successfully used over and over again.

•Make book money and create multiple income streams starting with a book.

•B.U.I.L.D.D. a book that leads to life long passive income and lasting relationships with your customers and readers.

•Identify profitable niche markets that are looking for and can pay for the problems you specialize in solving and the dreams you can help them achieve.

•Develop the You-nique mix of books, info products and programs that can attract multiple streams of customers and money consistently and sometimes automatically with Earma’s proprietary system called the Book Money Plan TM.

•Author a book selecting from five different time tracks in a Weekend, 48, 100, 200 or 365 days. You choose the road map and time frame that suits you best.

•Create a book that, effectively is a very tasteful and compelling brochure for your expert -level services, products, and/or programs.

•Partner with an editor and cover designer; or employ self-editing techniques and DIY Cover Design Methods and Software to create a compelling cover.

•Pinpoint profitable niches that are looking for what you have to offer and can pay for the solutions you have developed.

•Use 21 powerful ways to use your 24/7 lead generating book to get bigger and better results and attract more high end clients.

•Create a twenty-four hour lead generating book that attracts a lifelong stream of clients.

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