Designing Your Own Big Dream

3 Ways To Design Your Own BIG Dream

3 Ways To Design Your Own BIG Dream

Are you waiting for someone to grant your big wish? You know, make a wish and the wish granter comes to make it true. Let me put it another way, you may be waiting for your big ship to come in while overlooking the little doable opportunities.

You may have heard, how Whitney Houston, a fifteen year old was walking in a mall and someone approached her about modeling on a national level. It must have been a hint of her imminent fame; for she, shortly after, began to rise to stardom becoming the first African American to grace the cover of the infamous Seventeen magazine.

Later, she was launched into super stardom with her voice; she was commonly referred to as a U.S. national treasure in her later years. She many times said, that day as a fifteen year old, her dreams began to come true.

It’s rare that our dreams come true without designed effort and persistence. There’s always exceptions to the norm. But many of us accept it as our truth. We work hard but dream, one day, the wish granter will walk by and reward us with fame; tap us on the shoulder and give us a bestseller book, an author’s platform, like no other.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not going to bash your secret longing, if you’ve been thinking this way. I, too, have waited for my proverbial ship to come in and even looked for someone to walk up and give me that tap of approval and elevation.

My epiphany came when I realized my ship may never come in. If I wanted my big dream to come true, I had to take steps to create my own dream. I learned from my experiences and the experiences of others but I made the decision to design my own big dream. I mined my back ground for the gold called my education, experience and expertise, pulled it all together in a lead magnet book.

I branded my own business with a 24/7 lead generating book and positioned myself and my work in the publishing industry. Essentially, I had to start designing my own BIG dream.

A lot of that realization started with my first book. Then, after publishing a couple more books, I developed a system ( to help my friends, family and clients create a book that they and their readers would love. Eventually, the new Book Success Model was birthed which empowers business professionals to build a 24/7 lead generating book and create multiple money streams for life.

I discovered, the more, I helped other business professionals and experts create their big dream, starting with a book, the more clear my dream became.

Three Ways To Design Your Own Big Dream:

If you’d like to get clarity about mining the gold in your background and pulling it all together in a lead generating book that brands your business and creates multiple money streams for life, here is a three-step process to get started designing your BIG dream to come true:

1. Get Intentional. Decide your book’s mission. And give each chapter an intention goal. Get clear about what your book will offer your readers. What results? For me it was when I realized that I inspired people to review and sift through their existing knowledge base, experiences, and expertise to discover book material then create lasting income streams starting with a book.

2. Get Prepared. Craft the best book of your life like we teach our students at 100 Days To A Book Virtual Book Camp, so that you are able to step up, outline a great book and build it in a way that generates 24/7 leads and bring it to market faster. Building a book this way, creates a book that you and your readers love along with developing multiple money streams.

3. Get Started. Get educated about your options for publishing in the new millennium and then, just do it. Your readers are waiting for your best answers and solutions to their problems. They need what you have to offer. Plus, now is the best time to get started; technology has advanced and it’s easier than ever to publish a book.

When you do have your own book, you might find yourself creating your own ship instead of waiting for the big ship to come in. You, then, get to write and publish your way to success and make your own dreams come true.

If you find, you’re ready to get started designing your big dream of writing and publishing your very own book, register today for 100 Days To A Book Virtual Book Camp.

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