Celebrating Black Is Beautiful


Today, the day after Thanksgiving is considered Black Friday, a shopping frenzy day for deals in the U.S. retail world. Of course, I love Black Friday because of the deals offered. But there’s one more reason I love Black Friday; I get to celebrate the color black. I enjoy the color black; I always have. For example, black cars are so chic and sleek. Even as a little girl, I was fascinated with black. Not because of any negative connotations, I just enjoyed black. So in celebration, here’s twenty-one things I love to see in black.

1. Black cars. I love black cars.
2. Black dresses. They can be sooo elegant.
3. Black people. They are cool. Oh, did I mention I love being a Black woman.
4. Black Fridays are great! You gotta love the deals!
5. Black shoes look superb. They go with everything.
6. Black jeans slenderize. Cookie Johnson, owner of CJ Jean lablel and (M. Johnson’s wife) would say Amen.
7. Black computers never get old. I just got one. My old one died.
8. Black TVs. I want one. (a bigger one) I have to admit as a writerpreneur, I love techie toys in black.
9. Black monitors. I’m in love with the black Samsung monitors. Just think, they used to be the runt of the bunch.
10. Black & White Styles. I love the black and white clothing lines, the black and white decor and more. In my opinion, they go out of style; they become dated but then they come right back.
11. Black buildings. They just look classy to me.
12. Black hair. I so admire the Indian, Asian & Spanish cultures with their lucisous black locks as a norm. I confess I dye my dusty brown look to nearly black.
13. Black appliances. The black appliances are still a good way to go in the kitchen.
14. Black purses. Who doesn’t love a tiny black purse to make your clothes look classy, even if its just jeans? I enjoy even the super big purse in black.
15. Black sunglasses. They make anyone/everyone look more glamorous.
16. Black leather jacket. Everyone needs a little black leather jacket to knock the chill off and stamp cool on their attire.
17. Black boots. My favorite pair of boots are black.
18. Black onyx rings. I bought one in Israel. I still love it.
19. Black sweaters. My favorite cashmere sweater is black. It dresses up anything I put it with, even jeans.
20. Black furniture. I went through owning the Asian black furniture. I still love to look at it.
21. Black pianos. No, I don’t own one.(yet)But I love looking at black pianos.

Thank you for reading my blog; have a great weekend! Don’t forget to comment below, if you love the color black.

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