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Dream To A Book

Dreaming of Writing a Book by Earma Brown

Are you persuaded you can write a book this year, starting with chapter one? If so, great! If not, no worries; most of us weren’t in the beginning. The truth is we start anyway, doubting ourselves and sometimes even doubting our ability to make it to the finish line. I have good news! There’s a better way. If not already, pull out...

A New Beginning For You And Me 2

Here’s that post I told you yesterday I would do today January 13, 2018. Just in case, you missed that email, it was titled ‘About Earma…’ where I gave you an update on why I’m creating a new beginning for myself and 1200 other people in 2018, 100 each month.(Maybe you:) Anyway, if you have a crowded Inbox like mine...

A New Beginning For YOU And Me

In case, you missed yesterday’s email or you’re not on my email list poised to receive updates, secret strategies for more book money, results oriented tips and templates for success, here’s a copy of that email. Hello Friend: This is Earma Brown. You opted in to hear from me or signed up for one of my complimentary courses or...