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5 Tips To Self Publish With An Ebook

You already have what it takes to write and publish your first e-book. And like other winners you can create or increase your passive income stream each month. Your winning competitors wish you would never discover these secrets. You may be asking “What if I don’t have the mind and expertise of a techie?” You can still write and...

5 Secrets to Create a Profitable Ebook Now

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezoz recently announced that they are now selling more digital books (Ebooks) than hard copy books from their Kindle book store. Join the information revolution before it’s over! Whether you are an author that’s procrastinating about converting your existing book to an ebook or an aspiring author, now is the...

Create Your Best eBook This Year and Prosper!

Have you put your manuscript or existing print book into the latest ebook format? The new techie eReaders have brought a renewed interest to eBooks. That includes yours if you have it available online. If so, great, I hope you are taking advantage of the eReader rush.