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5 Practical Habits Of The Frequently Published

5 Practical Habits Of The Frequently Published

Are you ready to sign off on your first published project or publish more of what you have already written? Have you been wondering who will publish your work? The publishing industry is changing in the new millennium and doesn’t appear ready to stop changing. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, 50 percent of all books will be...

How To Turn Your Information Into An Ecourse

Are you thinking of sending your information the extra mile? You have plenty of information about your field. You have already started to write quality articles (book excerpts) for your audience. Here’s another way to make your articles go the extra mile for you. You can develop your articles into an email course. This method of promotion is... Mistake Article Template

Have you made a mistake, recently? Few of us enjoy making a mistake. Yet we all make them. It happened to me just yesterday. I made a costly mistake in my web design business. I invested time (about a day) into a project that I didn’t get the clear approval on. I thought they would love it and they didn’t. I failed to communicate well...