Build List From Inside Ebook

Have you started your ebook creation yet? If so, good for you! If not, this may motivate you to start. Either way, here’s a tip to grow your subscriber list from inside your ebook, specifically, the Kindle ebook.

As you know, before you create an ebook, you want to put a few things in place. There’re some things you want to plan, so that you will be ready to rocket to good sales and exposure. While you’re structuring the inside of your ebook create a preview area that includes a link to a free gift and an invitation to your potential eBook customers and readers to your website. By the way, Amazon automatically shows the first ten percent of your ebook as a preview area.

With this knowledge, you can make sure you put some good stuff upfront (not the whole thing, right) but some juicy tips to entice them and that invitation I was telling you about.

You can get hundreds of people to sign up for your list from inside your ebook with a free gift offer strategically placed in your preview area. Since it’s complimentary and they’re interested in your area of expertise, they have everything to gain by signing up.

They opt in for the complimentary gift and, voila!, your list just grew by a couple hundred names or more, according to how popular your ebook is!

That’s 100s more people who know about you and your information, whether they purchased your newly published ebook or not. And it’s also 100s more people that you can send your ezine and other promotional offers to in the following weeks.

Now, what will those 100s people do after they receive your valuable gift? More than likely, they will become your fans for life, buy your ebooks, sign up for your services, if not already.

So that’s one more benefit to getting your ebook done now.

If you promote your ebook the way we teach you in, it really won’t take that long to build an excited list of people that love you and your ebook plus expand your reach around the world.

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