Book Writing Schedules For Busy Professionals

Are you having trouble fitting your book writing in your busy life? Let me take some pressure off you, right now. Only you can say when you can write. Nothing gets my feathers ruffled more than someone trying to tell me what I can do and when I can do it. Especially when they don’t know anything about me, my life, my schedule…So, I won’t do that to you.

With all that said, it sounds right that only you can decide when you write. Nevertheless, it doesn’t exempt you from the decision. You have to decide where and when you will write. Here are some ‘whens’ that worked for me and some of my students over the years. Select any you can use.

  • Take small blocks of regular time available to me while kids are napping, doctors appointment, kids sports practices
  • Take a lunch hour at work several times a week, find an isolated room and write then. (I did this; my friends didn’t understand. Why would you write on your break time – resting time? After my books were out, they understood.)
  • Get up an hour earlier and write before your family gets up. ( I did this with one book project. My family was patient. I acknowledged them in the book.)
  • For two hours every evening, when you usually watch TV for the same length of time or more.
  • On weekends for twelve weekends. I will delegate, hire a temp maid, ask family to help or outsource everything else and use that time to write…

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