Mining The Gold In Your Background


Have you ever thought: “I feel like I have a gold mine in my backyard?”

But then you lost faith in yourself; or wondered how would you ever find it, even if you had a gold mine in your backyard. There’s a proverb in an ancient book that says, if you knew a coin worth a fortune was buried in a certain field, buy the field and find the coin. So, if you know there’s a gold mine in your backyard, do what it takes to find the gold. You don’t even have to purchase a field. You just have to get your hiny off the couch. Go in your backyard and start digging.

I use this analogy all the time with my clients who literally do have a goldmine in their background (backyard) that they just need to access. In your background, you have gold called your education, experience and expertise. Even, if you are a high school dropout that got your GED and went on to be a successful business owner or a leader in your community, there can be gold in that experience.

So here are three things you can check right now to get started mining the gold in your background:

  1. Check the feedback about your work: A good sign of gold is people keep telling you that your work is great. They can’t believe that more people don’t know about you. You hear often, “You’re the best kept secret in town!”
  2. Listen to your inner guide, your instinct. You have this knowing in your knower. You know that you are destined to make a difference in this world. You have a gut feeling that your work could make a huge difference for more people than it’s doing right now. Besides, no matter how hard you try to get rid of this thought, it keeps coming back up front and center, keeping you up at night, pulling at your heart. You said just the other day, “I have to do something soon; lest I do nothing.”
  3. Examine your successes. You know, success breeds success. We discuss further in the Mine The Gold In Your Background section inside the 100 Days To A Book 2.0. The main point is you have gold in the accomplishments you’ve already made. It may be things that you are good at but you don’t see it often because you do it without thinking. Furthermore, the few times you’ve written your material down, it was well received. And the many times you’ve had people telling you, “You should write a book.”

Perhaps, it’s your business that’s begging you to write a book, your feedback has been great, your clients loved the work, and you thought to yourself, Wow, I really should record this. I know the steps to my work well; I recognize my system.

If you find one or more of the experiences, we just outlined you have a golden rich nugget waiting for you to mine it. So your next question might be: How do you do that?

You may know already, it’s wonderful to discover and study about your passion, your expertise, but having a ton of expertise, even experience and especially education doesn’t automatically bring people to you or give them what they need to want to read your book. You need to form structures and systems to create a book you and your readers love, then attract readers, generate leads and convert clients.

That’s why I love our simple, step-by-step book camp systems, like the because that system is specifically designed to give you exactly that.

So, if you recognized already that your background contains a gold mine, I challenge you to make this the quarter that you mine it. Don’t procrastinate or let other things distract you. Go pull out your tools, get to work and mine the gold in your background.

Go to your greatness.

Best wishes for success from America’s Book Success Coach

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