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When is the last time you read a truly compelling book? I’m talking about a book with courageous ideas and powerful emotions. One that was movingly expressed, and with a clear (but exciting) sense that the words really mattered to the author and the reader.

Perhaps you’ve rarely read a book like that. If you have, the odds are that you’d remember it immediately. As soon as I asked the question, you might have a flash back of the book. I know I did.

One was a set of novels Mark Of The Lion by Francine Rivers and the other a non-fiction book by John Maxwell 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. I only knew what made them special later. So, I’ll let you in on a secret now; it was their story telling ability.

“Where Is The Gold?”

If you want to be an exciting author, ask yourself this question as you write your chapters and stories: “Where does the gold exist?” The gold is in the storytelling, even in nonfiction, it moves readers and compels them to read to the end. Books with stories deal with human beings at their best and sometimes worst, facing challenges and conflicts—and finding ways to overcome them.

One way to understand how an ordinary nonfiction book can be transformed into the extraordinary is to look back on your own life. What were the high points, the dramatic events (and their consequences) in your life? By reliving the narrative that held meaning for your own hopes and dreams, you can understand the sheer power that a good dramatic story can pack for readers in general.

Simply transfer such peaks of emotion to the book you’re writing. Some of the things to focus on include the following:

  • Who was facing defeat, but won?
  • Who had the worst odds and triumphed.
  • Who took the bravest chance and in the end prevailed?
  • Think struggle, power, heroes, conflict, quests, adventures, dark deeds, underdogs, white stallions, and against-all-odds triumphs. These are the building blocks, elements and ingredients of high drama and read-to-the-end stories.

For instance, John Maxwell wrote the best-selling 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership business book. He has said many times he believes what set his book apart was the stories that led each and every chapter. From Princess Diana to the Roosevelts and many others, he used a segment from their life to illustrate his laws of leadership.

Or consider best-selling author Brendon Bruchard of Millionaire Messenger who leads most of his business ventures including his book with his signature story. It’s the same story that has taken him around the world.

And don’t think these elements exist only in fairy tales, dramas, best selling books and action films. The story you need to tell is filled with them. They’re the stuff of struggles and successes on behalf of people in need (with big problems or big dreams) —including customers, clients, constituents and last but not least of all YOU. Don’t forget your stories begging to be told. Especially if you’re just beginning to write your non-fiction book.

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