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B.I.G. Dreams Fulfilled Laser Coaching

Books Inspire Greatness – Dream. Fly. Soar.

My newest program BIG Dreams Fulfilled Laser Coaching program is open and accepting ten people. The coaching is delivered in 15 minute sessions.

Inside this program, you get access to me Earma Brown & the B.I.G. Dreams Fulfilled Unlimited Laser Coaching

  • Unlimited -15 Minute Focus Sessions
  • Resource & Fieldwork
  • 30 Minute Visioning Session
  • 30 Minute State of the Union
  • Action Takers Bonus: Complimentary Access to next Weekend To A Book Virtual Event,  Book Money 5.0 Audio

B.I.G. Dreams Fulfilled (1 year of Unlimited Laser Coaching – 15 Minute Sessions) Ready to work together? Sign up for the wait list below.

Thank you for your interest. Please put your name and email address below. We’ll keep you updated about special offers and when this opens up again.

Team Write To Win & Earma

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Nicky Vanvalkenburgh, 2x award winning Author & iWIN scholarship recipient : 111nickyI used many of the tips that you provided in the lessons. Sometimes I re-read your lessons and new ideas come to me. Funny how my “inner critic” seems to disappear when I read your lessons… and the “creative” side of me steps up to the plate. You help me to believe in myself and my message, and to have confident expectations for success… Thanks so much, Earma

111shurondascott150“Earma’s work is an invaluable tool and resource for budding writers. We provided a copy of her book ‘Write Your Best Book Now’ in the conference packets to attendees of our annual Writer’s Conference! Personally, it gave me the fresh perspective I needed to kick my own writing into high gear. …Along with her writing, Earma’s insight as a book coach and publishing consultant is superb. She is the best at what she does. I highly recommend Earma Brown and any of her courses to help you become the successful author you desire. Shuronda Scott, Author, Possibilities Coach

111luzelenia-casanova3150“For those of you that expressed the desire to write a book. Treat yourself to a priceless gift. I say priceless because the information you will gain from this course is will pay for itself 10x over… Thumbs up to Earma for putting together such great information. I dare you to write that book within you!” Luzelenia Casanova, Speaker, Author and Advocate on Domestic Abuse

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