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Years ago, when I started doing what I do now, book coaching there weren’t that many of us in this field.
If you’ve been a subscriber of mine or reading my blog, you may remember I predicted the Self Publishing boom.
I called it the Self Publishing Revolution and that POD publishing would become the norm. Well here we are, many
moons later, riding that wave. Most traditional publishers now have a POD division. I said all that to say, I know
you have many choices. I appreciate you as a subscriber. Also, as always there’s an unsubscribe link at
the end of every email. Even so, don’t count me out just yet. I still have some other predictions I’ll share with
you in coming months. For now, there’s a new opportunity to work with me that I tell you about later in this email.
So, keep reading.

One of my book coaching clients and friends a few years ago said to me, “Earma, I’ve renamed you. You
are a publishing consultant not a book coach.” I just said, “Hmmhemm.” I learned later she renamed me because she had
started her own book coaching service, which is probably why she conveniently put me in another category.
After thinking about it, I had to decide whether to be upset by her intentions. I forgave her

Now, there are so many that have modeled and patterned after me, even some with larger platforms than mine still gleaming my ideas.
Well, I decided to simply stay in my lane. You know where I got that from, Oprah Winfrey. Someone on her staff, after watching the Phil
Donahue Show in its growing popularity back then asked,”What are we going to do?” She said, “No matter who comes and goes, or how popular
they get. We’re going to simply stay in our lane. We’re going to keep doing what we do best. And when the dust settles, we’ll see
who’s left standing…” I don’t have the numbers, but I can say for sure she was one of the longest running shows and outlasted many of her peers.

I’m no Oprah Winfrey (yet), God has so richly blessed me with a river flowing out of me, I don’t
have time to pick out the little pebbles. So, it makes me not easily intimidated. I believe I’ll always have my share of people
enjoying my work and wanting to hear what I have to share. So, I didn’t change my title because someone said I wasn’t a coach.
And you shouldn’t either. Like me, you may be experiencing pressure to change what you do because they don’t get you. Don’t do it.
Well, change if you want to but not because someone thinks you should. Instead, continue to do what’s in your heart.

Eventually, I embraced that title my frenemy gave me, with a few variations to differentiate my work in the marketplace. Now,
if you read my short bio, I’m aka as America’s Book Success Coach, an Indie Publishing Authority and 12 book Authorpreneur.

I say all this not in a prideful way but in a way of saying I have clarity on what I do and the value I bring to the market. Business
experts say clarity equals dollars. I’m still re-working that part…I’ll tell you the in-house coach story next email. For now,
about the opportunity to work with me: For the next three days I’m inviting those that know me and trust me to work with me in my
new coaching program called B.I.G. Dreams Fulfilled: Unlimited Laser Coaching. I’m offering this to my subscribers with no application.

For many of you, I’ve been sowing my words into you for years, inspiring you, helping you birth your dreams of a published and profitable
book. You know and trust me. So, I hope you will decide to invest in yourself and hire me as your book coach. Tomorrow, I’ll have the same
public offer on my website and Facebook page but with an application and higher price. There are 1000s of people on my list. But, I’ve
been out of commission awhile. So, I don’t know what kind of response I’ll get. Therefore, I have to limit it to just 10 people. After I reach
that I’ll close the program and if not, I’ll close it in three days.

Are interested in working with me? click here for details If you’re not ready now,
still check with me in the next 100 days. The pricing and my availability may be different but I believe you are worth the investment. I’ll be
emailing you tomorrow with more information and telling you that in-house book coach story. Thanks for reading.


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