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Well, I promised to tell the resident coach story today. Simon Cowel would say it was self-serving. Others said, I could never do that. But I didn’t care self-serving or not, he turned out to be one of my prized students. He had become a seven book published author himself. Some of you
marrieds know what I’m talking about, I could not even hint to Varn that I thought he should write a book, which I didn’t. But if I had, I already knew it would not go well.

So, I was super surprised when one day while hanging out with me in my little home office, he said the idea floated into him like the feather in the movie, Forrest Gump. According to him, the thought of writing a book, had tried to come to him several other times but he shooed it away, thinking I don’t have anything to write with, a place to write, time to write, what to write, nahhh!…

This time, it floated in and landed, he said, no more excuses, I’m going to write a book. I’m going to find those tablets I bought a while ago and use the kitchen table as my writing space. It turned out the writing tablets he purchased were from almost a year past exactly. Well that’s an oxymoron. How can something be almost exactly?

Back then, Varn and I discussed how much it was indeed an oxymoron that he even was writing books. In school and especially high school the classes barely kept his attention. He was always outside playing sports, hunting, fishing, gardening or as he liked to put it sunning, just relaxing. He loved outdoors, something fierce! So, it was no surprise when his family found out he wrote a book, they practically didn’t believe it at first. They kept saying, so Earma admit it, you wrote Varn’s book right? I would say Noooo! I didn’t; I don’t have time to write my own and his too. The truth is I coached him and edited his first book by the hair of our chin, chin…It was kinda like when we tried to decorate together. It eventually came out beautiful but it almost killed us.

We fought, strongly disagreed, got mad…I surmised, he was too familiar with me to respect my advice, a lot.  When it came to the book writing thing. We came to an agreement that I would NEVER edit any of his books again. We would hire someone. Anyway, making a long story shorter. Varn eventually gave my coaching five stars. He called me his resident book coach and said all the time, if I got past his bad (temper)ment and coached him to success, I could coach anyone. He often sang the praises so hard and loud, people got jealous or hired me. (Still smiling about that one:) So, here’s the testimony that caused all the fuss.

“I’m excited about the journey of my next book. I’ve already started a few months ago collecting info, notes and study. This time, it will be about a biblical character. I’ve decided to take my time with the writing and typing completely before giving it to my editor. The most beautiful thing about this is my personality is to naturally talk to people about the Lord and I enjoy it. But as an author, I put on my spiritual superman cape and become a ten thousands time ten thousand witness for the Lord and I’m sent around the world with a beautiful message. With the grace of the Lord I plan to write for the rest of my life. Loving it!!!” -Varn

If you or anyone you know wants to write a book but you’ve been wondering if you could get past your school history or writing ability. Here’s a different perspective, several of my clients who are stronger in their speaking ability than writing ability, they did it. They spoke their book as in recorded their message, had it transcribed and wrote it into book format. Or they hired someone else to write it into a book manuscript. Chances are, if you’re a speaker, you may already have an audio(s) on your manuscript’s topic. Or they did as Varn did, sat down and discovered they had a writer side they never knew about.

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