8 Super Selling Things to Do Before You Write Your Book Sales Letter

Every successful book marketing campaign begins with a plan. Sales letters are no different. No plan and you may miss the mark of Increased Sales you are aiming for. Set a roadmap that you can follow to explosive sales every time. Focus and aim your sales letter with these 8 preparation tips.  Then get ready to sell more books than you dreamed:

1. Write a list of frequently asked questions for your book. You want to make sure you pin point what your prospects and visitors are looking for and then give it to them.  Find out what their burning questions are and then answer them in your sales copy and product. Before you write the benefits of your products you need to know the problems that audience face.

2. Develop a list to help your prospect visualize reading your book. Answer the questions: “When will your prospect read your book?”, “How will they read your book,” “Why will they read your book?”

3. Write down what your up sell offers or possibilities are. This is where a lot of small business professionals miss out. They fail to create up sell offers. Create your up sell offers and opportunities before you even write your sales letter so that they can be woven into your back end pages and sales messages.

4. Write a list of Benefit Bullets. What benefits will they experience upon purchasing your book; what will the book give them.

5. Make a list of bonus gifts. Select bonus gifts before you write the sales letter. This way you can include the benefits in your sales message as a part of your product.

6. Develop your guarantee. Think about it? A lot of businesses shake in their shoes when it comes to developing a guarantee. But think about it; most small businesses have a built in guarantee.  If someone ask for their money back, most small business professionals will just give their money back. They don’t haggle over whether they should or shouldn’t.

7. Gather your testimonials into one file. If you don’t have any yet for a new book, use famous quotes about your field until you get some. Sprinkle throughout your copy.

8. Go look at your competitor’s sales page. Examine their FAQs (see if you missed any), what are their bonus gifts, what is their guarantee, what is their up sell, if any? I made this step last so you wouldn’t be tempted to just be a copy cat. But you can use your competitor’s sales pitch as a measuring stick. How did you measure up? Did you whiz past; leaving them in a cloud of dust? Or did you miss a few things that you will now add after examining their pages?

Preparation for your book becoming the super sales maker will give you the competitive edge you have been looking for. Put these steps into place before you even write your sales letter and sell more books. Enjoy the journey and life is made easier.

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