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Earma Brown, aka America's Book Success Coach, 12 Book Authorpreneur, Indie Publisher, and Creator of Book Success Academy, teaches entrepreneurs, experts, professionals, writers and wow women how to write and publish a 24/7 lead generating book YOU and their readers love and create multiple money streams for life.” Visit to get started with a book of your own. Using her signature books, products and programs including the popular 'Write Your Best Book Now and writing course 100 Days To A Book, she is practicing what she preaches. She enjoys reading novels, writing books and collecting movies especially girlie movies.

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10 Reasons To Become A Kindle Ebook Author Now

As you know, E-books have not enjoyed a lot of credibility in the publishing world. It seemed, Ebook authors were viewed with even less esteem than vanity print book authors. Yet, they have been around since the beginning of the Internet Age, but have not been widely accepted until recently. There are two huge signs that e-books are now an...

5 Money Magnet Book Marketing Tips

Did you start seriously marketing your book yet? Or is the honeymoon over with book sales on your new book? Either way, you might be interested in my Money Magnet Book Marketing list of tips. I’ve had various levels of success with each tip in 2011. I get asked all the time; how did you get started doing what you do. I’ve found most...

5 Self Editing Mistakes To Avoid for Indie Publishers

Have you read a self published book and noticed misspelled words, a wall of text and grammatical errors? Did it inspire you to read on? Or did it cause you to lose a tiny bit of confidence in the author? The truth is poor proofreading hurts the self published author and the industry itself. You see, every ounce of confidence lost in one self...

7 Powers To Give Your Book A Selling Chance

Do you dream of writing a book? Do you see readers anxiously lining up to purchase your book? In your mind’s eye, can you even hear the talk show producers calling you to talk about your book on their show. If you can see this, great! Keep dreaming; I don’t want to dash your dreams. But I can say it surely won’t come true if you...