I’m Earma Brown aka America’s Book Success Coach,  twelve book authorpreneur, indie publisher, creator of twelve writing and publishing courses including the 100 Days To A Book and Self Publish Your Way training programs. I’m founder of  the Book Success Academy.

Special Update: Thank you for your respect and support of my work during the difficult season when my husband of 25 years passed. Don’t count me out; I still have a few Internet properties left that I’m rebuilding. In the interim most of my courses are still housed at the Book Success Academy…With that said, new and improved offerings are on the way! Yes, I’m still creating in my wheelhouse but moving with the trends and advancements in our industry. Meanwhile, click here to pick up a copy of my newest book, the Book Money Series or keep reading and click there at the end of this page.

Back to my story and what it has to do with you, as you might imagine, I didn’t start where I am today. I struggled for a long time, which is why I’m so passionate about training my students and coaching those who follow my work to their own book success and beyond. In my opinion, the Information & Digital Age is the perfect opportunity for experts, entrepreneurs and especially writers, authors and indie publishers.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business and minor in English.  But I gained my best expertise through life’s test and trials in business, learning from my mentors and competitors. I’ve struggled with the feast and famine seasons… So, after establishing my own online business, my current mission is to teach other experts, entrepreneurs, business professionals learn how to do the same. I love to develop resources that help you as an expert, entrepreneur and doctorate deliver your message effectively and then make money online using YOUR information.


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Earma Brown, aka America's Book Success Coach, 12 Book Authorpreneur, Indie Publisher, and Creator of Book Success Academy, teaches entrepreneurs, experts, professionals, writers and wow women how to write and publish a 24/7 lead generating book YOU and their readers love and create multiple money streams for life.” Visit New! Jumpstart Resource: Free Book to get started with a book of your own.

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