Earma Brown, 12 Book Authorpreneur and Indie Publisher, known by many as America’s Book Success Coach, teaches small business owners, experts and professionals how to mine the gold called their body of knowledge including their education, experience, expertise and put it in a 24/7 lead generating book to create multiple income streams while enjoying the journey.

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Earma is Creator of multiple book courses and programs including her flagship program 100DaysToABook.com designed to guide experts, entrepreneurs, doctorate professionals, speakers, coaches, ministers, aspiring authors in general and anyone serious about earning an expert status to present their core message in a book they and their readers love. If you’ve found the Earma’s post at the Write To Win Institute blog, articles, courses and writing programs on this website helpful, you’ll love Earma’s flagship program  100 Days To A Book where she reveals 100s of secrets to teach aspiring authors, professionals and entrepreneurs how to mine the gold called their knowledge, experience and expertise to put in a lead generating book plus leverage into multiple income streams & enjoy the journey along the way!

Above all, Earma is passionate about empowering business owners, experts and professionals to create their best life and do the things they’ve only dreamed of doing in the past. Currently, her mission includes partnering with 1000 aspiring authors (maybe you) to make their book dreams come true in 2015. If not already, sign-up for the latest Jumpstart A Book Mini-Course: The New Book Model at http://jumpstartabook.com  |  If you’ve been a subscriber of Earma’s Book Success Secrets column & iScribe eZine awhile check out her new Ebook Gallery EbooksbyEarma If you like them, please leave a comment on Amazon.com.

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Earma Brown, aka America's Book Success Coach, 12 Book Authorpreneur, Indie Publisher, and Creator of Book Success Academy, teaches entrepreneurs, experts, professionals, writers and wow women how to write and publish a 24/7 lead generating book YOU and their readers love and create multiple money streams for life.” Visit http://jumpstartabook.com to get started with a book of your own. Using her signature books, products and programs including the popular 'Write Your Best Book Now and writing course 100 Days To A Book, she is practicing what she preaches. She enjoys reading novels, writing books and collecting movies especially girlie movies.

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  • For someone who has no experience in writing a book, “Write Your Best Book Now” was a God send to me. I am a 60-year-old male who had a fear for writing. After reading this book, it did wonders for me. I am proud to say this book has encouraged me to write more. By January 2012, I will be publishing my first book. Ms. Brown, keep up the good work; you have enabled me to do something that I have always wanted to do, write a book. Thanks again one million times. Eugene Broadway

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