A New Beginning For You And Me 2

Here’s that post I told you yesterday I would do today January 13, 2018. Just in case, you missed that email, it was titled ‘About Earma…’ where I gave you an update on why I’m creating a new beginning for myself and 1200 other people in 2018, 100 each month.(Maybe you:) Anyway, if you have a crowded Inbox like mine, click here http://writetowin.org/a-new-beginning-for-you-and-me/ to read the previous post.

Friend,  the other day I heard from Eugene Broadway who when I first met him was struggling with realizing his long time dream.

He was trying to pull it all together in a book. Somehow, he wanted to include his multi-layered and diverse life. You see, he’s a U.S. Marine Veteran, retired U.S. postal employee, State Barber Licensing Official and currently Family Historian. The amount of information he had and the advice he was receiving left him overwhelmed and confused about what to do. Not to mention the order in which to do it. So, he constantly procrastinated about taking any action at all.

He was afraid that life would continue on uneventful without fulfilling his dream of writing a book or heaven forbid he would die with this dream of a published book inside never to be realized. After living such an accomplished life, he definitely didn’t want that.

Thankfully, after chatting with me briefly he realized that he could see his dream come true with writing and publishing a book in a few short months. And now in 2018, his third and newest book fully written, submitted to me and my team for editing and publishing is happening in a few weeks.

I realized that there may be a number of people that are either in a similar situation or know someone who is, which is why I created the special offer 2018 New Beginning Book Success Strategies Kit: How To Write And Publish A Book Fast & Edge Book Coaching Module N Bonus Resources .

The 2018 New Beginning Book Success Strategies Kit not only eliminates three big problems many people face: Procrastination, Disorganization, Scattered Focus but it also helps you overcome the hurdles that cause you to stall and procrastinate. It gives you a system to plug into and see progress and an action plan to just get it done in 2018.

So, if you or anyone you know is interested in witing and publishing a book simply click here for all the details.

Best Wishes For Your Success,
Earma Brown

P.S. I’ve put together a special on this that’s only good for the next three days. You’ll get everything when you click here http://writetowin.org/2018-new-beginning-special-offer/ but this does end on January 15th.

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