5 Web 2.0 Ways To Synch Your Book And Website

Why Boost Your Career With A Book? Earma Brown

Do your book sales come in spurts? A client complained, “I get so frustrated with my book sales trickling through week after week. The truth is many book authors and publishers experience the ebb and flow of book sales when they first start out.

Some never break out of this daunting cycle. They don’t experience the flow of good sales for they never learn to grow their sales with consistent marketing.

A mentor friend advised me, “To create daily sales, you must market daily.” Here are some easy online marketing tips to include in your marketing plan. Include these, break the ebb and flow cycle for good and start a perpetual boost in book sales:

1. Create a book marketing plan or revise your old one to include Internet Marketing. Your book marketing plan is what I often describe as your map. It describes your book, what you will do to sell it after you’ve completed and published it. It also describes who you hope to sell your book to – target audience. Start broad then pin point your audience as narrow as you possible can. For example, women would be a broad category and working women would bring it closer. Then working moms or career moms would be narrowing it down further.

2. Develop an easy author’s website to jumpstart your Internet Marketing plan. If you don’t have one that focuses on your book or you as an individual, create one. Your website or blog is now one of the first places clients will look to find out more about you. The better quality it is, the more it will pre-sell you and your book itself. First impressions are important. Make your website a good one that accurately reflects your book and you as an individual.

3. Devise a social profile for the top three social networks. Create a profile page at Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to start. Start building a following at each of these networks. Fill your profile in with as much information as you feel comfortable. Don’t try to make it into one big selling spree of your book. You might turn more people off than you attract. Find a way to contribute to your community on a regular basis, whether its quotes, minute messages, articles, blogs, etc. Use one of the media managers like Hootsuite. Then sprinkle in your book, speech, workshop and more.

4. Know the one sentence version of your “mission statement” to attract new targeted clients through email. Remember prospects don’t buy your education or career titles, they want to know what’s in it to help them. Place that one sentence as the second line of your signature file.

5. Put your power-packed signature file at the bottom of each email you send. It will soft-sell your book each time you contact someone via email. Be sure to develop different signature files for different promotions. Use each one to drive targeted visitors to your book’s website.

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