5 Ways To Turn 1 Book Into A Wildly Successful Series Before You Write It

Are you planning to write just one book? Wait! Before you decide, at least see how easy it is to plan a book series. By the way, publishers love book series; readers become fanatical over a serial of books. Begin to change your thinking. Don’t look at your book as a one time thing or a one title event. Begin to look at it as the beginning of your successful author journey. If you are looking for an easier journey, more rewards and more profits with a series of books, follow the principles below:

1. Slash your huge book into separate books. The easiest way to do this is as you are writing separate your book in chunks, chapters, sections and parts. Writing this way will allow you to easily divide and conquer. You can create several books from one body of information. refine, repeat and repackage your information.

2. Put your overflow information into a second book. Gather all the overflow research material. You know all the extra information you came up that wouldn’t fit into your first book.  Put it in order and develop it into a separate book.

3. Poll your readers for a key point they want to know about. Expound on a point your readers show interest in knowing more about.

4. Select a sub-topic to do further research. Explore the more. Do more research on one of your book’s sub-topics.

5. Write a companion book for the original book. You can excerpt sections from your first book, insert groups of discussion or reflection questions and voila you have a study guide or workbook.

Develop a continuing flow with a website, a stream of articles, reports, follow-up products and even services to build your book, your brand and your profits further. Plan a wildly successful  series of your content in different formats. You may feel you can’t dream that big. No worries; start with the simple tips above. If you’ve been planning a one event book, throw those plans away. Expand your thinking. Dream a bigger dream and write your first book to get started building a successful series with multiple streams of income flowing from it all.

Powerful Way to Start Your Book Series:

Inspire Me to Write Quote of the Day:

Embrace life. Have confidence in yourself. Take action.

Take action. Do something toward your book writing goal before your head hits the pillow tonight or at least within 48 hours.Choose a method to track your work; briefly explain why you chose this method and write it below.

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