5 Tiny Tips to Make Editing Easy and Proofreading Profitable

Is your book as compelling and easy-to-read as it could be? You know, is it clear; does it grab attention or impact the emotions of your readers? Or does it slink around like the letter S only to confuse your reader. Here are seven tiny editing tips that will put a professional stamp on your book and help you write clear and compelling copy. Put these into practice and your readers will love your book and refer it to all their friends and family.

  1.  Increase clarity with bullet points or numbered lists. Give your book readers a prescription. They’ll love you for it and read your book to the end. We all want a prescription to feel better, to make more money, to speak better or simply improve our better to best.
  2.  Present the solution. Does your book solve a problem? Craft your book’s title and content to answer the question and not just ask one. For example, “Vitamins?” or “Vitamins: the essential link to health.” Prefer positive language over negative.
  3.  Make the complex easy. Did your book take a complex subject and make it easy? Your audience wants the solution marked EASY. We all scour the aisle for the book to help us in the easiest manner possible. We don’t want to figure it out. We want to follow directions and enjoy the benefits promised in your book title.
  4.  Teach as an authority in your field using simple steps. You are the authority now; you wrote a book on this subject. Your book reader will more easily buy in to accomplishing their goal with your advice written into simple steps, lessons or actions. We all want an easy pattern to follow.
  5. Leave the revisions for later. Remember, revision and writing are two completely different processes that require different mindsets. Don’t try to do both at the same time. Wait until you’ve completed the first draft of your book before you do any editing or revising.

Implement the above tips and watch your sales soar from the minute you publish. Remember to increase clarity, present the solution, make the complex easy, teach as an authority, and  leave the revisions for later. Implement the above easy tips to begin proofreading for profits! Now go; write and publish a successful book and make us all proud!

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