5 Steps to Write Compelling Book Copy That Makes Your Book Sales Soar

Does your writing lack pizzazz? Does it lack the power to draw your readers in for more? Does it inspire confidence in you as an author? Does it stand up to your competition and hold its own?

If you answered no to any of the questions above you may be interested in the tips below. Discover how to write compelling copy that makes your book sales soar:

1. Put your reader first.

Most of us tend to write selfishly. I mean we write what we want. Go against the natural grain; give your readers what they want. Write to their benefit. Write a solution to their problems.2. Start well.

Create a sizzling beginning. Hook your readers through emotion. Slant your book or introduction with a question or an amazing statistic. Share the top benefits of your book early. Aim for the ‘You’ in every reader.3. Break your writing into short sections.

Write your book in chunks, chapters, sections and parts. Use headings, bulleted lists, pull quotes and other easy reading tools. Don’t make your chapters too long. Create easy transitions to the next chapter or section. Keep each section short and easy to read.4. Use short sentences.

Slash your sentences to under 15-17 words. Don’t bog your readers with complex sentences. Remember multiple phrases slow your reader’s comprehension. Make it easy. Get to the point fast.5. Use simple words.

Write for the 7-10 grade level. The shortest, most well known words are best. The more syllables in a word, the less compelling it becomes. Cut all unnecessary adjectives. Clear, easy to understand copy makes your reader want to read your piece to the end. Fill your writing with what’s in it for them. They’ll come back for more and tell all their friends.Are you ready to write sizzling copy that your readers find hard to put down?

Remember to put your reader first, develop a sizzling start, break your writing into short sections, shorten sentences, and use simple words. Implement these five tips to begin writing compelling copy that translates into more profits! Now go; write a successful book and make us all proud!

Earma Brown is an expert in book writing and publishing advice. She focuses on innovative and unique techniques to helping others get their book written in record time. She has been successful in using these techniques to write her own twelve books and bring them to market faster. You can sign-up today at http://bookwritingcourse.com and use her proven road map.

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