5 Self Editing Mistakes To Avoid for Indie Publishers

Have you read a self published book and noticed misspelled words, a wall of text and grammatical errors? Did it inspire you to read on? Or did it cause you to lose a tiny bit of confidence in the author? The truth is poor proofreading hurts the self published author and the industry itself. You see, every ounce of confidence lost in one self published author reflects poorly on all independent publishers.

Professionalism inspires confidence. Whether you are writing a short ebook or a full length guide for your industry, your well edited words will work powerfully for you.
In the same way professionalism inspires confidence to purchase your book, grammatical errors and misspelled words may cost you in lost sales. Correct these writing mistakes and translate your professionalism to more profit including book sales.

1. Failure to start well. Create a sizzling start. Hook your readers through emotion. Slant your book or introduction with a question or an amazing statistic. Share the top benefits of your book early. Target the ‘You’ in every reader.

2. Failure to shorten your introduction. Entice your reader with the main benefit (main central thought) early to keep them reading. Write the rest of your piece to support your main central thought. Sprinkle the rest of the benefits throughout your copy in descending priority.

3. Failure to slash passive structures. Passive sentences slow and dull your writing. Get rid of the passive voice sentences. Give your sentences a clear subject and a verb to avoid the passive voice. “The writer found fame and fortune through marketing her books online.” instead of “The writer’s books were instrumental in leading her to fame and fortune.” Avoid connecting verbs like ‘was’, ‘is’, ‘had’, and ‘seemed’. Replace passive voice verbs with active verbs.

4. Failure to shorten your sentences. Slash your sentences to under 15-17 words. Don’t bog your readers down with complex sentences. Remember multiple phrases slow your reader’s comprehension. Make it easy. Get to the point fast.

5. Failure to aim for compelling copy. Write for the 8-10 grade level. Reward your readers with benefits for them. Clear, easy to understand copy makes your reader want to read your piece to the end. Fill your writing with what’s in it for them. They’ll come back for more and tell all their friends.

Are you ready to translate your professionalism to profits? Correct the above mistakes and watch your sales soar from the minute you publish. Remember to develop a sizzling start, shorten your introduction, slash the passive voice, shorten sentences, write compelling copy, avoid generalities and slash the adverbs.
Also, remember to check for spelling and grammatical errors, check all dates, times and prices, slash the passive voice, cut the selfish constructions containing “I”, shorten sentences, write compelling copy, avoid generalities, slash the adverbs and check your flow of information and more. Implement these twenty-one plus tips to begin proofreading for profits! Now go; write and publish a successful book and make us all proud!

More Tips to Get Started Editing Your Self Published  Book:

Take action. Do something toward your book publishing goal before your head hits the pillow tonight or at least within 48 hours.


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