5 Reasons To Brand Your Business With A Book

Are you ready for a competitive edge in your business? Consider branding your venture with a book. You already know some good reasons to write a book. Like, gaining prestige, increasing recognition, adding skills, creating an additonal income stream in your business and more. Before we go to more reasons to brand your business with a book, let’s answer why branding gives you a competitive edge? In short, branding:

  •  Makes your business more recognizable – Imagine being instantly
    recognized online and off.
  • Enhances word of mouth marketing – It motivates people to talk
    about you. You may find more opportunities coming your way.
  • Increases front of mind awareness – Customers think of you first
    when they have a need in your area of expertise.
  • Makes your business more profitable – A strong brand helps you
    sell more of your products and services.

A strong brand usually reflects a strong business. Adding a book to your business can help you strengthen and establish your brand. So, let’s take a look at seven reasons to brand your business with a book:

#1. Add value to your customers. Ultimately, you own a business for two main reasons, right? ( A.) You want to earn money and more of it. When you earn more money you can work smarter not harder. If you are anything like me, more money means you can spend more time with your family. You can do more of the things you want to do, like volunteering, vacationing. (B.) You enjoy your topic and enjoy providing value to your audience and customers. You are passionate about your field or industry. You work in excellence and have tons of information to share.

With a book, you can do both. It offers you yet another powerful way to gain relationship with your customers. A book will do a huge chunk of pre-selling. As a matter of fact, a business book can be your new business card on steriods. It automatically expands your market reach. A book gives you an opportunity to become an active participant in your customer’s lives and watch their lives change for the better.

#2 Lends itself to just about every niche and business model. The beauty of a nonfiction book is that it fits just about every subject and business. If you can teach it, explain it or guide others in it, you can write about it in your own nonfiction book.

For example, in the service business model, a business owner can write a book to help other aspiring business owners start their own business or go to the next level by growing their existing businesses. Or a personal trainer in the fitness and health industry can write a personal fitness book or a diet book.

#3 Offers your information in several different formats. This reason is one of my personal favorites. After writing and forming your book manuscript, you can easily develop your information into another format. For instance, if you are a better speaker than writer consider seminars and workshops. Also, don’t forget to open up other streams of income with digital publishing. You can create ebooks, reports, courses, videos, blogs and home study courses all from your book content.

#4 Builds Credibility. One can define credibility as: capable of being believed, believable or worthy of belief or confidence. In business, credibility can be gained through a series of actions or a customer’s experiences with your company. For instance, if you consistently offer a great customer experience then you earn credibility with your customer. Also, longevity improves ones credibility. A customer will more readily buy from a company that’s been in business for twenty years than one that has only two years in service. A book will help establish and boost your credibility. Credibility is a buying trigger. It motivate people to become customers. It’s a known fact people buy from people they trust and consider experts.

#5 Brands Your Business. Branding is often perceived as simply creating a logo and/or an “image” for your company. However, branding is more than that. Branding is also about creating a personality. For small business owners, your personality becomes your brand. With that in mind, your book and the type of service you provide, can feed right into strengthening your brand. Your personality and your book’s content will come through each chapter (if done correctly) – thus strengthening your brand.
For example, if as a business owner, you are known as a drill seargeant fitness instructor; your book will follow a similar tone. Each person that reads your book will experience your brand. It will be strengthened in their minds.

The information revolution has been raging for awhile now and shows no signs of stopping. Your customers are looking for help and solutions. Why not develop a book as one of the solutions you offer in your business. Fill it with the answers and solutions your customers need. You’ll find whether you’re looking to grow your brand, improve credibility, increase profits or simply provide more value to your customers, branding your business with a book can make it happen.

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