7 Powers To Give Your Book A Selling Chance

Do you dream of writing a book? Do you see readers anxiously lining up to purchase your book? In your mind’s eye, can you even hear the talk show producers calling you to talk about your book on their show. If you can see this, great! Keep dreaming; I don’t want to dash your dreams. But I can say it surely won’t come true if you never finish the book. While you’re dreaming, weave these powers in your book writing and write a book to make all your book dreams come true.

1. EASY. Make your book easy, even if it’s a complicated subject. Here’s the secret; the easier you make it the more powerful it becomes. Your readers like it easy. No one raves about a difficult book and then tells their friends to go get it. New millennium readers are busy and look for easy. Set yourself apart and make it easy.

2. ATTENTION. Grab the attention of your readers with a catchy title. Then do your best to keep it with an interesting table of contents and introduction. Start your chapters off like the pros with a sizzling introduction. Use startling statistics, stories or questions to prompt interest. Follow up inside your book with the information you promised in your attention getting titles and chapter titles.

3. ENTICEMENT. Wait! Not everything should be so fast. Woo your readers with some enticement techniques. Use interesting trivia, sprinkle bits of little known facts or even shocking statistics to keep your readers turning the pages. Add a mini-preview at the end of each chapter for the following chapter. Television magazines do it well; you can too. Build excitement for the next chapter.

4. INVITATION. Make your book inviting. No, you don’t have to save this for your editor. Give your book a good start and create good form. What I mean is, create smaller paragraphs, sections and even chapters. Put a good heading at the beginning of each section. Avoid run-on sentences. Remember, each chapter of a non-fiction book should be approximately the same length. If you can’t accomplish that right now, don’t stress about it; keep writing. Remember, the finish line is in sight. You can always come back and create good form.

5. ENGAGEMENT. Weave engagement tools throughout your book. Don’t let your reader become a bystander. Try to engage them; give them something to do, think about or share. You know; create list, questions to ponder, worksheets, exercises and more.

6. URGENCY. Build a sense of urgency for your readers to act on your principles. Remind them never to put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Give them action steps or easy exercises to act on. You don’t have to use those trite words. But you can encourage your audience to act today, even now.

7. ANTICIPATION. Use the power of anticipation in your book writing. Share your excitement about your subject. Let your readers know how long you’ve been working on your book. Give them an inside mini-view of your process or preparation to write a good book for them. Your excitement is contagious; so share it.

Don’t put off finishing any longer. This time next year you could be counting your dollars instead of excuses. Your readers are waiting. Put the powers above to practice, finish your book fast, release it to the world and prosper sooner.

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