5 Passion Points To Include In Your Self Published Book

Are you ready for a change your life kind of experience? Yes. Then write and publish the book you’ve been dreaming about. Few things hold the potential for a life changing experience like writing and publishing a book.

You can receive life long income from writing and publishing your own book. You can affect the lives of hundreds even thousands for the good. You gain the added respect of your colleagues after publishing your book. You can leverage the increase of fees exponentially in your business. Your parents will be especially proud of you.

Even so, many new authors don’t receive the rewards they deserve. They forfeit their advantages by not focusing on the strategic selling points of their finished book. In short, they don’t know how to seal the sale of their book. They lack the know how to build into their book selling points while they write or even before they write. This is where the passion points or selling points come in.

You can implement these before you write a single chapter or even after you’ve just finished your book. You might be at the point where you can take the (flat) out of your book and put in (sizzle) to bring in more sales. If so, put passion and selling influence into your cover title, each chapter title, each chapter’s questions you will answer, rough draft of book’s back cover (sales letter), the mini-billboard (elevator speech), target audience, thesis, and table of contents.

In fact, every part of your book should be a compelling part of your message. Every part should be written passionately and designed to be a sales tool. Touch your readers’ emotion with passion and influence for your topic and enjoy the rich rewards of a top selling book author. In my book writing or self publishing course http://selfpublishyourway.com| http://bookwritingcourse.com, I teach twenty-one passion points to infuse your selling influence into. For now, I offer you five of those selling points to implement in your book:

Passion Point #1 Make it unique.
Make it special, and make it your own. Remember the acronym and term ‘your USP or Unique Selling Proposition’ that most marketers teach and swear by. That’s as it should be but a little twist on that for your book, “Make your message stand out with your own unique selling point.” Don’t copy. You can still use your successful mentor’s work as a guideline but come up with your own take on a common subject.

Think about it in choosing a book to read for yourself, how many times has the title hooked your interest enough to pick it up? For example, in the book “Write Your Best Book Now” the author threads some form of “win” throughout her materials. Ever heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series? The title changes in its audience but the Chicken Soup brand stays the same. For example, there’s a Chicken Soup for Teen-agers, Chicken Soup for Mothers, and so on.

Passion Point #2 Make it your brand
Brand yourself, your business and your book. Think about the greatest benefit that you offer through your book or service. Consider your book and chapter titles. Now think about your keywords and headings on your website. Do you see a repeating word that stands out? Remember, branding can work for you too. Many think branding is for the big guys only. Don’t be afraid to create your unique brand. Make it different, make it yours, make it count.

Passion Point #3 Write the back cover before you write your book.
This is ranked the second most important “Passion Point” and therefore is prime real estate for your book. Again, think about it in choosing a book to read for yourself, how many times has the title and front cover hooked your interest enough to pick it up? Then usually you turn it over to see if you really want to read it.
On the back cover, you put the most compelling ad copy, benefits, testimonials, and a small blurb (bio) about yourself. If your prospective buyer likes it, they will buy instantly. If they need more information to make the decision, they will preview your introduction and table of contents. Remember the speaking help book I was looking for in my example earlier. I looked at the cover then turned the book over to read the back cover…

Passion Point#4 Design a 30 second “commercial for your book.”
Sprinkle this commercial throughout your book, your speeches, elevator conversation, radio spots. Let your passion for your topic shine through in this commercial. After all, you only have a few seconds to make an impression on the media, the agent, the bookseller, the individual buyer.
Include your title, a few benefits, and the audience. Write this commercial with sound bites that capture attention. Don’t be afraid to compare your book with a successful one. i.e. the writer’s “Women
With Passion, Purpose & Power” is the “Purpose Driven Life” for women.

Passion Point #05 Develop your book introduction.
State the problem your reader has, why you wrote the book, and its purpose. In a few paragraphs include specific benefits and explain your format (how you will present it.) Make sure it’s one page or less. Your sales message will be more subtle here. Nevertheless pinpoint and emphasize the benefits to your reader for you may still be convincing them YOUR book is the book to buy.

No matter how good your book is, if you don’t use the above passion points in the makeup of your book you may never sell as many books as your message deserves. Infusing every part of your book with passion and influence to buy will create a powerful sales tool. Even if you get started with the few tips above, you are whole lot closer to  hooking and stirring your potential customers to buy your book for themselves and their friends.

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