5 More Passion Points To Include In Your Self Published Book

Are you ready to impact the lives of hundreds even thousands for the good? When you write and publish your book, you gain the added respect of your colleagues. You can leverage the increase of fees exponentially in your business.

Even after saying all that, too many newbie authors don’t receive the rewards they deserve. They forfeit their advantages by not focusing on the strategic selling points of their book. They don’t know  many of their readers browsing their book are still making a decision. Placed strategically, there are many spots to amp up your passion and influence your potential readers to buy or even keep reading.   In fact, every part of your book should be a compelling part of your message. Every part should be written passionately and designed to be a sales tool. Touch your readers’ emotion with passion for your topic and enjoy the rich rewards of a top selling book author. Here are seven more passion points to influence the browser to buy and the reader to keep reading:

Passion Point #1 Sizzle chapter titles, headings and bullet list. Make use of that title writing skill you acquired when developing the title of your book. Now you must give attention to your chapter titles, headings and even bullet points for them all (if designed correctly) reach out to the skimmers and potential readers of your book flipping through deciding whether to read or not.  If done right, headings and chapter titles will pull your audience in for the read or simply keep them going to complete your book. To get more readers and ultimately more sales of your book, sizzle all points of your book that have the potential to capture attention and lead your readers in for more.

Passion Point #2 Get Testimonies for your book and back cover. One business man said to his team, aim to get testimonies for our book. Each testimony you get and we post on our website, it is worth at least $1000 to us. Perhaps, you are not on the business man’s level just starting out with your book. But it proves my point, each testimony you get will pay you back in book sales. If you are not getting testimonies for your book yet, now is the time to start. Post your request for testimonies inside your book in the resource section. Put it on your website, email signature as well as sending out review copies. These testimonials from celebrities, readers, colleagues will lend influence to your back cover making it a powerful sales tool.

Passion Point #3 Write a sales letter for your book. Keep it simple. To start with, learn the basics of copywriting then write the most convincing letter you can. Write your targeted audience a letter about how your book will help them. Tell them why you wrote your book. Let them know who read it and loved it. Your sales letter will become another mini-salesman who sells your book 24/7 and makes you money even while you sleep.

Passion Point #4 Shorten your book. Yes, I did say shorten your book. Give yourself a break. Erase the thought that you have to write a 350 page book like your colleague to be successful. It doesn’t even have to be 150 pages. Simply write a short book approximately 50-100 pages long and fill it with your insightful information, your expertise and/or your experiences. You can even write about the same subject just offer your perspective, your skills, your techniques and expertise.

Passion Point #5 Write your book the easy way. Write the solution. Like many of us, your audience just wants the real deal. They don’t need all the fluff. So, identify eight to ten questions or problems for each chapter. Speed your writing time by simply writing the answers in detail to each problem or question. Include your stories, illustrations, case studies and experiences to add interest to your book.

No matter how good your book is, if you don’t use the above passion points in the makeup of your book you may never sell as many books as your message deserves. Infusing every part of your book with passion and influence to buy will create a powerful sales tool. Even if you get started with the few tips above, you are whole lot closer to hooking and stirring your potential customers to buy your book for themselves and their friends.

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