5 DIY Book Cover Tips For Your Self Published Book

What part of a book is the most important to its sale? Seventy-five percent of 300 booksellers surveyed (half from independent bookstores and half from chains) identified the look and design of the book cover as the most important component. They agreed that the cover is prime real estate for promoting a book.

Now that we know the indie published book cover is prime real estate and important to the sale of your book, let’s get started. One of my first tips is if you don’t have the desire, time or interest in creating the great cover your book deserves, hire a cover artist to help. Assuming you are still reading because you are still interested. (smile) Here are my best DIY (Do-It-Yourself) book cover tips.

1. Create a concept cover. A concept cover will speak your message. Choose one main concept that explains in a very short story what your book is about. It’s kind of like a well known decorating principle of choosing one element to build your entire design around. For example, one of my favorite Write to Win Covers has the key word speedway in its core message. To express the speed at which an article can be written using the book’s principles, a speedway of some kind is always pictured in cover design.

2. Invest in quality photos. If you are not an illustrator or can’t afford to hire one, you can start with a high quality photo to help speak your book’s message. Sometimes, if this is matched well, the photo can carry the whole design in expressing your message. If done well, all other elements like font, color design become secondary or complementary. One of my favorite photo depositories is istockphotos.com Visit the http://scriberecreative.com/book-covers/ for a cover sample and others.

3. Use complementary fonts. Invest in a good quality font. You will discover even if you manage to do all the other parts of your cover design well and haphazardly apply your fonts (type) your design will fall short. Research what fonts are considered display and even good cover fonts. There are lots of free options to start with. Will Harris’ Font Pairing and Substitutes helped me a lot when first starting out.

4.  Learn the basics of design. Remember or learn the basics of good design. Aim toward less; for less is more. You may dillute the expression of your message if you try to put too may elements on your cover. In the similar way, a cluttered house invites confusion so does cluttered design. Even too many different fonts or color will dilute your message.

5. Consider a book cover template. I love templates of all kind. Many of you have used my 40+ article writing templates epackage. But I look for templates in other ways as well. I enjoy getting a jumpstart on all my DIY projects, if possible. So, guess what when I decided to give book cover design a try I looked for book cover templates. Back then, I didn’t find many. But I only needed one is what I thought when I discovered BookCoverPro.com templates and eventually software. It helped me get started with cover design. The fonts are what hindered me a lot at first. Quite a few of the template designs called for professional fonts to capture that same professional look.

Now, don’t delay any longer. Covers still sell books, even self published ones. Give your self published book the greatest chance for success in the marketplace with a beautiful cover. Take the DIY book cover design tips above and give your book a selling chance. Happy Publishing!

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