7 Book Title Templates For Your First Book Or Fifth Book

According to the Wall Street Journal, “On the average, a book store browser spends eight seconds looking at the front cover and 15 seconds looking at the back cover.” So, there’s precious little time to make an impression with your title. Creating a super selling title is a valuable skill to use in all your marketing collateral. Practice and put it to use in your cover title, sub-titles, chapter titles, headings, bulleted list, table of contents. After your book is published, you will use it in your website headings, ad campaigns, articles, reports and more. Here are seven title templates to practice or create your own best title.
1. Ask a question your readers ask in the headline and prompt interest.
“What’s the First Step In Self Publishing?”
2. Tie-in to current events and stack up more book sales.
“Stay One Step Ahead In Real Estate Just Like Donald Trump – But Without His Legal Bill!”
3. Create new terminology with a big claim and back it up in book.
“New ‘Information Websites’ Make Easy Money For Writers and Produce 3X Better Than Blogs.”
4. Offer news using the words “new,” “introduction,” or “announcing” and create excitement
“Announcing a Powerful Trend in Self Publishing.”
5. Issue the reader a command – tell her to do something without apology.
“Write Your Best Book Now.”
6. Use numbers and statistics to touch a sore spot, offer a solution and prompt action.
“Only A Measley 3% of Online Business Owners Make Any Money And How You Can Become One of Them?”
7. Promise the reader useful information.
“How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake You Can Make in Selling Your Home During Tough Times.”

Don’t delay. Use the seven title templates above to create a super selling title for your first book or your next book. Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

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