7 Book Loving Ways to Celebrate National Book Month

October is National Book Month, according to the National
Book Foundation. For me it’s a book celebration all twelve months. As you may
already know or can tell, I love books! I also love to honor and celebrate
authors and help aspiring authors. It’s a good time to honor and celebrate the
authors in your life. What ways are you going to celebrate? I’ve come up with a
few you might consider:

Join a book club. It’s a great way to celebrate books and your literary
inclined friends. Inside a book club, you can meet new friends and fellow
readers of your favorite books. Most clubs choose a new book to read and
discuss each month. If you want to ramp your reading up, join a book club
and read a new book each month.

Read as a family. Use this month as the perfect month to
encourage the whole family to read. Choose one to two chapters to read
aloud, even three if you’re ambitious. Our family did this for many years.
We came to love and treasure the special moments our reading together
created for us. Reading books together as a family will ignite the
imagination tuner inside each of us. Even after our kids are gone, my
husband and I still read together. In recent years, we now write together.
Which I believe all started with us reading together as a family.

Swap your books. As a group, especially a writers group or book
club you can meet and swap books. Gather the book (s) you love but haven’t
read in years. When you meet, swap them with each other. You can organize
your book swapping with a sign-in and sign out list. Or you can use the
honor system. A group of friends on a low budget decided to do this with
my books for sale at a writers conference. They each purchased the main
book they wanted to read. Then later they swapped with each other to read
the other books in the collection.

Have a book party. Everyone loves an excuse to party. Have a book
party! This event is good for not just authors but book clubs, writer
groups and even indie publishers. Invite your book loving friends and even
your (not so much) book loving friends. Most people love a good party and
you never know who has a secret passion for books. Be sure to prepare
tasty treats and refreshments. Have lots of books on hand for your guest
to browse. Consider hosting the party at a local bookstore or library.
Offer support to a local author and invite them to give a talk about their
work and the value of reading. Whatever you decide about your book party;
relax and have fun.

Buy a book. Support the literary community. This month, go
purchase the book you’ve been planning to pick up but never got around to
it. Take the time to relax and read your favorite classic. I’m reading the
Jane Austen classics. O.k., I am an unashamed girly-girl. Treat yourself
and buy an ereader. This month is a good time to purchase the latest iPad,
Nook or Kindle. A couple of years ago, when I purchased my Kindle I read
more books in one month than I used to read in a year. I now think of what
book I will read this month instead of this year. When I see a book I’m
interested in reading, I immediately check to see if it’s on the Kindle or
available in a PDF format. I’ve found that some of my older PDF books that
haven’t been specifically formatted for the ereader, read just fine on my

Buy a book for a friend. I still get excited when I receive a
good book as a gift. Don’t you enjoy getting a good book for Christmas?
Although, these days I may have read it already. Since technology has
changed the accessibility of books. It seems every book I think I want to
read I go get it because of the ereader technology. I mean why not if I
can access it so fast and easy. Even so, consider adding a book gift for a
friend to your celebration.

Help an aspiring author. Do you know an aspiring author friend?
Encourage them in their book writing quest. Buy the book of their favorite
author and gift it to them. Give the gift of the now popular ereader or an
upgrade to their existing device. You can show your support by investing
in their training or computer system. Purchase their seat in a writing
course, online or offline.

Above all enjoy the month of celebrating books.
Discover or rediscover the joy of reading. Remember, inside a book you can meet
new people, visit new lands, get good training or just plain old take a
pleasant journey. Happy Book Month!

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