5 Worst Book Writing Mistakes That Block Your Wildly Successful Book

Do you dream of becoming a successful author? You have finally
pinpointed an idea for your book. But you need to know what to
avoid in the process. Everyone knows what we don’t know can cost
us in time and money.

So, consider these five mistakes aspiring authors make before
you get started:

Mistake #1 Failure to plan your book. A plan creates a map to a
successful book. Inexperienced writers end up writing scattered
and unfocused copy. They rarely communicate the message well
enough to hold the attention of any potential readers.

Solution: Plan your book. Choose when and how you write. Even,
decide how you will publish and market your book to success.
Write focused, organized and compelling chapters that compel
each reader to read to the very end of your book.

Mistake #2 Failure to know and list benefits with features.
Newbie authors don’t realize they must know the benefits of
their message to their audience. To write compelling chapters,
your copy must be organized and focused. Worst still, many don’t
know the difference between benefits and features.

Solution: List out the benefits to your audience. Then put them
on your back cover, in your book’s title, chapter titles,
introduction and more. Simply put, more people buy when they
know how your book will benefit them.

Mistake #3 Failure to know who you’re writing specifically for.
Successful authors know who they are writing for and what their
audience wants. Then when it’s time to write the message, it’s
easy to write specifically for them. Every chapter feels like it
was written just for them (your reader), because it was. (smile)

Solution: Write a book specifically for your targeted audience.
Make it easy for them and easier for you. Answer their
questions; solve their problems. They will love it and tell all
their friends about your book.

Mistake #4 Failure to change pace with society. Less informed
writers may feel like a stick in the mud of life. Why, because
they are unwilling or don’t know they need to change. A friend
of mine posted, I felt left behind resisting Facebook and
Twitter when my aging eighty year old father got a Facebook page
and posts on it weekly. Smart writers adjust with the times.
They have an open mind to today’s audiences who enjoy shorter

Solution: Tune in to the busy audiences of today’s society.
Write the book they are looking for, a quick but meaningful read.

Mistake #5 Failure to embrace technology. Every day, non-techie
writers find easier ways to do things in the Information Age.
Unlike their hesitant writer friends, they are open to learn new
technologies that make it easier for the Information Age writer.
Technology has advanced and created opportunities to publish
their messages via blogs, social media and ebooks.

Solution: Write your important message into a book now. Why
now, because you know you don’t have to wait to publish or get
your message out to a ready audience.

Don’t delay any longer.  Remember to plan, pinpoint who your
audience is and know how your book will benefit them. Let go of
outdated ideas and keep pace with society. Finally, embrace
technology and write your book easier and faster than ever
before. Implement the five solutions above and write a wildly
successful book.

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