5 Web 2.0 Marketing Tips for Writers Authors N Publishers

Are you mixing your marketing yet as a writer, author or publisher? I know I’ve been talking to you a lot about Article Marketing. One because I love it and secondly, it gave my business such a boost. But there are lots of different ways to get your book or blog in front of potential readers and customers online. Marketing with different kinds of content has become one of the most effective ways to do it. Here are five tips to make your web 2.0 content marketing stand out from the crowd and work in your favor.

1. Mixing Media Types – Don’t just depend on one specific way of delivering your content to your audience. As I said earlier, articles are a great way to build more credibility, communication and cash. But technology and times are on the move; the other top ways of content marketing, using video, audio and holding teleseminars are all equally growing in appeal to our audiences. Some of these media take a little longer to create, but they all have super advantages. So, it’s wise to use multiple forms of media to create a mixed bag of Web 2.0 content marketing. It becomes so much easier to reach a larger audience.

2. Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing using sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more are perfect ways to create and grow your business networking contacts. You can link up with people who are interested in your book or blog and even create partnerships with other people to increase your exposure. I recommend making sure you have profiles on the top three, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then further your campaign as far as you want to go.

3. Referral Programs – Use your readers, clients or customers to help bring in more people through referral programs. Set up refer a friend forms on your website. You can offer a reward for the people they bring in or create a contest for whoever brings in the most over a certain period of time. Referral programs are fun and can be very profitable.

4. Affiliate Programs – Set up an affiliate program for other website owners and blog owners online can apply to market your content for you. In the process of selling your material as an affiliate, they also refer people to your book, product or service. If you have more than one book, blog, product or program, you should definitely set up an affiliate program. Share as big a piece of the sale as you can. Currently, I offer 50% of the sale to my affiliates. If you have setup an affiliate program under the 50% share and haven’t seen any sales yet, try increasing the percentage. I’m thinking about increasing my 50% to 60-80%. The ability to earn a good commission on any sales they (your affiliates) send your way is a must for this type of affiliate program’s success. Remember, for the most part it’s a sale you would not have made. I recommend Clickbank.com or the software iDevAffiliate.

5. SEO – Work on optimizing your website or blog. Make sure your basics are covered like top of page keywording, alt picture keywords (including Pinterest) and simple keyword page name. Search Engine Optimization is the way to a better placement of your website at the top of online search results. This is a fantastic way to position your content in those organic search results directly related to your topic or book. The more keywords you are linked to, the more likely people will find your content through online searches. There are free tools available to help you streamline your keyword efficiency.

Don’t wait around anymore; you could be this time next year wondering if Internet marketing/web 2.0 marketing could make a difference to your sales and the exposure of your website or blog. Get started today with one or all of the above marketing techniques. They will work to bring warm readers and customers (already interested in what you have to offer) to your website or blog.


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