5 Tiny Article Templates Proven to Bring Big Results

Visit 40ArticleWritingTemplates.com for more tiny article templates that bring BIG results!Have you had writers block, recently? A few days ago, I needed to write a couple of  articles to market one of my books and my favorite information product. I sat  down in front of my computer; opened my favorite word processor and drew a  blank. Forty minutes later and then all day long, my ideas were still blocked.

Finally, I remembered the advice I’ve been dishing out for years. I pulled out 5 tiny  article writing templates to jumpstart my writing. It worked; within 30 minutes  I was finishing up several articles to submit to my A list. Here are five mini  article templates that you can use next time you have writers block:

  1. 1. Make Your ____________ Pass the Profit Test. Every business  owner, service provider or professional wants to know how to make profit. If  you made a profit last year, share your knowledge in an article with other aspiring profiteers. Be specific and quantify it as much as you feel  comfortable. For example, I made this adjustment in my business and my profits  doubled. Or my product sales increased 30% in 3 months.

Sample Article Ideas:

  •  Make Your Counseling Business Pass the Profit Test
  •  How to Make Your NewPractice Pass the Profit Test
  •  Help YourWebsitePass the Profit Test

2. Give Your ____________ a Makeover. A makeover does us all  good at certain points in our lives. Have you done a makeover in your life or business, recently? Were you pleased with the impact it had? If so, share your  makeover tips in an article.

Sample Article Ideas:

  • Give Your Store a Mini Makeover for Increased Sales
  • How a Clothing Makeover Will Raise Your Self Esteem
  • Follow These 7 Tips to Give Your Website the Makeover It Deserves

3. A Roadmap to ________________ Success. Do you have the  road map to success in your business or area of expertise? If so, use it in your next article. Don’t leave your readers and potential customers to take the  muddy road to success; lead them to the highway with your short map inside your  article. They’ll love you for it and look for your products and services to buy.

Sample Article Ideas:

  • A Roadmap to Financial Freedom
  • A Roadmap to Finishing Your First Marathon
  • A Roadmap to the Best European Vacation

4.  ___ Highly Practical Ways to __________. Everyone loves the  practical. Practical makes it easy to do for your reader. Write an article with  practical tips to accomplish any task. Write for the 8-10 grade level. Reward  your readers with benefits for them. Clear, easy to understand copy makes your reader  want to read your piece to the end. Fill your writing with what’s in it for them. They’ll come back for more and tell all their friends.

Sample Article Ideas:

  • 8 Highly Practical Ways to Learn Ball Room Dancing
  • 7 Highly Practical Ways to Teach Phonics
  • 5 Highly Practical Ways to Write Articles Fast

5. Place Your Top Benefit in the Article Title. Put your top  benefit in your article title. It immediately communicates the benefit readers will gain after reading your article. Benefit-oriented articles often use the  problem-solution approach. Master (A) this skill or technique and get (B) this benefit. Your readers are looking for a “benefit” that will help them, grow them, profit more, cut expense, avoid trouble, gain more time, decrease stress, gain better relationships, get better health, eliminate drama,  evade trauma, get more energy and vitality and less fatigue.

Sample Article Ideas:

  • What You Should Know About Earning Wages and Entrepreneurship
  • 7 Reasons You Should Consider Self Publishing Your Book
  • 7 Ways to Grow an Organic Garden at Home

Don’t give in to writer’s block anymore! You can topple that road block any time it  looms up on your highway to business profits. Use the above mini article  templates to jumpstart your article marketing. Write articles and prosper.

Remember, there are people ready to read and use your insightful information. Get started writing your articles today! Do you need additional help to write little articles proven to bring BIG results?

Go get 3 FREE Article Writing Templates! You can get instant access to these templates and other Article Marketing tips at the 40ArticleWritingTemplates.com web site From Earma Brown, 16 year author and article writing coach.

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