5 Simple Self Editing Tips Translate Professionalism To Profits

Have you given your book manuscript the professional touch yet? Professionalism inspires credibility. And we all know relationship and credibility inspires sales. Whether you are writing a short ebook or a full length manual for your industry, your well edited words will work powerfully for you.

In the same way professionalism inspires confidence and credibility to purchase your
book, grammatical errors, poor writing flow and misspelled words may cost you in lost respect and sales. Implement these writing tips and translate your professionalism to more profit including book sales.

1. Omit needless words. Some words slow your reader’s pace in reading. You want to omit these type words. Words like: that, very, in fact and others can be safely omitted.

2. Cut the repeats. Too many repeats make it sound like you’re talking down to your readers. Your first edit usually cuts your word count by ¼ to 1/3. Chin up; be willing to part with your beloved words.

3. Conduct spell check. You would be surprised at how many people don’t do this simple step. Do a simple spell check with your word processor’s software. You can use the one that comes built into your software or purchase one like White Smoke or Stylewriter which both offer you more than just the spell check.

4. Check for clarity. Read a paragraph for understanding. This is a good task to assign to a family member or an assistant. Instruct them to circle the paragraphs that are not clear.

5. Spot run-away paragraphs. You can shorten sentences and paragraphs. Look for the start of a new thought. Connecting words like also and then can usually break into a new paragraph. Careful, don’t put a paragraph break in the middle of a thought. Make sure it flows naturally.

Implement the above five tips to begin translating professionalism to profits! Now go; write and publish a successful book and make us all proud!

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