5 P.O.W.E.R. Reasons To Self Publish

Did you know self publishing is trending upward. Self-publishers monitored by Bowker are growing at a rate of over 10 percent per year. CreateSpace led the field, with about 34,000 new titles in 2010. Lulu was in second place with 11,000, followed by Xlibris at 10,700 and AuthorHouse with 8,500 (about 64,000 titles as a group). In 2009, the top five self-publishers, which also included PublishAmerica, accounted for 57,500 new titles.

Remember that self-publishers do not use ISBNs for all of their books, so the ISBN-less books are not included in the totals. Even so, there are indie authors and publishers cropping up all over the place. Big names and obscure names are joining the Self Publishing Revolution. For example, Bishop T.D. Jakes, the senior pastor at Dallas’s Potter’s House (with 30,000 members), self-published many of his inspirational books and other items via his church’s for-profit TDJ Enterprises. It’s reported he has sold seven million copies of his books.

Here are five reasons to self publish your book formed into the acronym P.O.W.E.R.

Print On Demand Technology. As self publishing powers up, Print On Demand technology has made publishing anyone’s game. Yes, anyone with a few requitements met can write and publish their own book. The energy has shifted from the Big Guys eating all the pie to sharing at least a portion with indie authors and publishers. It has moved the market even more with several big names and not so well known authors taking the indie route.

Opportunity. With some recent huge successes under the industry’s belt, self publishers no longer have to hang their head. They can walk proudly with new found respect given to indie publishers and indie authors. You can even dream of greater opportunities. After it’s proven your book will sell, traditional publishers might jump at the chance to take it to the next level.

Words. It really can be your words your way. As a self publisher, you can control every step. You get to design or outsource you cover to the way you like, the fonts you choose. You get to create the title and the content you want inside your book. You promote with the ads you decide. The buck stops with you; your decision is final. No need to let the important decisions be in the hands of editors or publicist who are already overloaded with other authors. You get to publish your book your way. With that said, don’t forget with all this control comes responsibility. Be sure to use your gifts and talents at their highest then outsource the rest to capable professionals.

Easy. Self publishing can be as simple as: writing your book or hiring a ghostwriter; purchasing your ISBN or block of ISBNs; setting up as an indie author or publisher; creating a hot cover and laying out the interior of your book or outsourcing this work; and selecting a printer or submitting to a publishing service company who will take care of most of the task above. Also, remember a publishing service company offers a lot of done-for-you services but they also own the ISBN.

Revolution. In case, you haven’t noticed there is a self publishing revolution. Within the self publishing revolution is an ebook revolution, and Amazon is leading. For years Amazon has been spouting their mission of changing the face of the publishing industry. They have finally done it with the instant delivery of books via its Kindle ereader and app. Authors now have the power to walk right past publishers and build their own audiences. Some Indie writers/authors are becoming as well known and well read as their print comrades.

Why Now?
With self publishing, you get to set your own timetable. A traditional publisher may take from  one year to eighteen months or more to release a new book. Taking the reins in your own hands, your book can be released to the public in a matter of weeks or months. Also, traditional publishers generally promote a book only three to four months. As an indie author or publisher you can promote your book as long as you want, even years.

Don’t wait until later. You could be this time next year still waiting and wondering if you’ve missed the Self Publishing Revolution. Now is the time to P.O.W.E.R. up your self publishing plan and take action. Happy Publishing!

Don’t delay any longer. Get started today publishing your book on the Amazon’s CreateSpace easy system.

Earma Brown, 17 year author, publishing consultant, and founder of the iWIN and Indie Publishers Network. She provides books, webinars and information websites for aspiring authors and emerging indie publishers. She has self-published twelve non-fiction how-to books. Her series of Self Publishing Your Words Your Way courses, books and information products are available as print books, e-books and memberships on her website. Earma’s newest course, Self Publishing Your Words Your Way designed for aspiring authors and emerging indie publishers is now available at www.selfpublishyourway.com

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