5 Book Title Ideas

Have you crafted your book’s title yet? The title can do a lot for your book. If it’s ill conceived, it will most likely hinder your book’s success. If it’s created with great titling principles in mind like keeping it short, catchy and with a top reader benefit it could become a top seller in your field or industry. In fact, title well, write a good book and implement a powerful promotion plan it could boost your book’s sales to a best seller list.

1. Reasons to…
“10 Reasons to Use Article Marketing”
Most people want to know why they should do anything. The ‘Reasons’ title will especially pull at someone already interested in the topic. They want someone to tell them all the good reasons and benefits of what they are considering.

2. The Simple Steps
“7 Steps to Fearless Public Speaking”
The book reader will easily buy in to accomplishing their goal in simple lessons, steps, ways or actions. We all want the easy solution, right? Use this template in your sub-titles as well. For instance, the sub-title “7 easy lessons to build strong teams,” lets the reader know they can build strong teams using their seven easy lessons.

3. The Benefit
“1001 Ways to Market Your Book”
This book title template draws the book reader in with combining several templates. The reader that buys the book above happily expects to receive the benefit of 1001 ways to market their book. They may immediately feel they got their money’s worth by the amount of tips the author promises. Or if you have at least ten good tips that can revolutionize your readers’ business life.

4. The Outrageous
“Make a Million Before 30 Truly”
Truly people do buy a book by its cover. But even before that your title must grab their attention. After all researchers say you only have around six seconds on the front cover and up to fifteen seconds on the back cover. If you use this template, make your book title so outstanding and catchy that your reader is compelled to buy it on the spot. Don’t forget to back it up inside your book.

5. Finally…
“Finally the Last Diet Book You Will Ever Need”
A ‘Finally…’ title speaks to the longing for the perfect solution. Most dieters have unsuccessfully gone through many diets, products, programs looking for the solution. So they may read to see if this truly is the last solution they will need.

Develop this valuable skill and you add magnetic pulling power and punch to all your marketing documents including your front book cover and chapter titles that will get your message read. Titles set the stage for your potential audience. They either grab your potential reader by the shirt or they don’t. Create your titles to be ‘the match’ that ignites your reader’s interest in reading your important message. Title well and prosper!

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