5 Big Ways To Jumpstart A Blog

5 Big Ways To Build A Great Blog

Are you blogging yet? In my opinion, all aspiring authors, published authors, experts, entrepreneurs, and writerpreneurs should have a blog. Let me explain why I think you should and then offer five top ways to jumpstart your new blog. All of us are building our platforms at some level, at least we should be. Your blog is a great place to send your potential readers, publishers, customers and fans. Your blog is or should be a representation of you and your work. Here are four fabulous tips to get started with your blog.

  1. Write your content (articles or blog posts) in groups about one topic. This directs your energy and helps you write faster and publish sooner! If you have long articles or book length material about your topic, pull out excerpts to use as a post or as a series of post. People will love your short and easy to digest posts. Readers will often reward you by coming back for more.You know how you hear about authors getting a multiple book deal. It’s because publishers, agents and everyone in the industry knows people love series.
  2. Write solutions in your blog for your readers and potential customers. Create categories for your list of topics or questions in your area. Your preferred audience wants answers. Or consider using the FAQ section on your business website to form an article or series of articles. Answer each question with the detail; before you know it, you have a post! People don’t want lists for the sake of a list. They want specific examples, stories and case studies that show them value.
  3. Repurpose your information and research to suit your new blog. Perhaps, you have excess material from writing your book or creating your product. Consider using a shortened version of this information on your blog. Or use the same information and re-slant it to a different audience. For example, I write for aspiring authors. It’s easy enough for me to re-purpose same article or blog post to my indie publishing audience.
  4. Start on the fast track with your blog. My advice is to start with a personalized website instead of the free route. Develop a website. If you are limited with time, you can hire a webmaster. But you can just as easily if your time permits, do it yourself.
  5. Use do it yourself options for your blog. Choose and buy a wholesale domain name and web hosting. Use your name or writing topic. Make sure it is as short as possible and reflects your topic. There are many blog software platforms to choose from. Over the years, I’ve used many different ones. Now, I use and recommend WordPress. Buy the best premimum theme you can afford. I use several sources but one affordable choice is themeforest.com, a website hosts web designers templates and more.

Don’t wait another minute to get started! I vote you are one step closer to your success with your new blog. Remember to put your best pen forward, prepare some content, group your topics, write solutions, repurpose your information, start on the fast track and use do it yourself options. Implement the simple steps above to start building your platform and jumpstart your blog to success. Ready to jumpstart your blog and article writing? There’s about 1 day and a few hours left on getting in on my special offer on the Mega Article ePackage

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