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Have you made a mistake, recently? Few of us enjoy making a mistake. Yet we all make them. It happened to me just yesterday. I made a costly mistake in my web design business. I invested time (about a day) into a project that I didn’t get the clear approval on. I thought they would love it and they didn’t. I failed to communicate well enough with my client. It’ll take me awhile to live it down but you can be sure I won’t make that mistake again anytime soon.

Here’s the reason, I mentioned mistakes. Most of us love to hear how we can avoid mistakes. We want to avoid mistakes in love, in business and life in general. If you’ve made one recently, that can be your next article. Warn your readers; help them avoid the same mistake. They’ll love you for it. Here’s how to write an article helping your readers avoid costly mistakes in your area of expertise using the Mistakes Teach Us – Article Template:

Title Samples

  •  The 7 Worst Mistakes Professional Artist Make With their First Commission
  •  3 Dreaded Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Own House
  •  The 5 Most Common Mistakes Aspiring Authors Make with their First Book


“The _______ Most Common Mistakes in ….”
(If this is one of your first articles five is a good number to start with.)

Introduction: Now write an introduction about the common struggles you face in your topic. Emphasize the risks and encourage your reader to keep reading for the solutions.

List the most common mistakes, for example:

  1. Mistake # 1 Failure to know your __________
  2. Mistake #2 Failure to keep learning in your field
  3. Mistake #3 Failure to focus your efforts
  4. Mistake #4 Failure to spend money wisely
  5. Mistake #5 Failure to take responsibility for your success

Analyze what you could do better to gain success. There are people who have become successful in your field but didn’t start out that way. They started with a shoestring or no string budget just like yours. If they did it you can too. Keep searching, reading and talking to people who are successful in your field. It will keep you reminded that your diligence and hard work will lead you straight to your success.

There are proven ways to speed your progress but the most effective ones include sticking to a sound business plan or best practices in your field. Practice the five principles in this article and break free from majority and enter the winners’ circle that succeeds in your field.

Author Note: Don’t forget to sum it all up in your article. Even if its just one sentence. Don’t leave your readers without an ending.
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