4 E.A.S.Y. Reasons To Create Kindle Ebook Now

Did you know authors can receive 70% royalties on all self-published ebook sales on Amazon, doubled from 35%. And typical ebook royalties given to an author from traditional publishers are only 17.5%. Newsweek’s Daniel Roland in an article said, “The transformation of the book industry has reached a tipping point. Electronic books now outsell paperbacks on Amazon, the retailer recently announced.” (The Future of the Book, Feb 06,2011)

With that said, now is a good time to put your book in the race in your category. Even so, you might be wondering how you could publish on the Kindle if you haven’t self published anything. No worries! Read on and find out why you should make the effort and why publishing on Kindle is not as hard as you may think.

First of all, you may wonder, why you would want to get published in a format that can only be accessed with a device that you may not even own…yet. Here are four (formed into the acronym) E.A.S.Y. reasons to take the plunge and do it now:

1) Easy. It’s easy and fast.

Getting published on Kindle is not the sort of ordeal most people associate with getting published in the traditional manner. Instead, it’s straightforward and easy as 123 or ABC. But wait! Because you are a friend/reader and before you get the wrong idea, there are some things you need to learn or outsource. For instance, the formatting of your book can be a bit daunting if you don’t know how. Also, the cover should be given proper attention. If you don’t know graphic design, then outsource. After these two, hurdles you upload your book and your cover, answer a few questions, create a description, and you’re done.

2) Access: You find and access your audience

Whether you’ve got a new novel, valuable info you want to share with the public, or whether you are simply looking for more clients and customers, getting published on Kindle gives you an easy way to be found.  Let’s say you’re a marriage counselor.  You publish a book on Kindle and include information about your Divorce counseling services, and maybe a free gift in the form of a special report ‘101 Ways To Prevent/Survive A Divorce. Then many will race to find you,  buy your Kindle book, and visit your website to collect their free gift. Of course, you have it setup as they collect their special report they join your ever-growing mailing list.

3) Status: Make a status change; you become an instant expert.

Let’s face it: People are still impressed by authors.  Currently, (don’t know how long this will last) Kindle makes it very easy to become an author.  After you have properly formatted, got a great cover that speaks your message, compiled your book, you can upload it to the Kindle store in less than an hour.  Even better, English language books are generally approved within 24 hours. 

After you’re published, just add the link to your email signature and start adding “Author of [Your book’s name here]” after your name.  You’ll gain instant status upgrade, which will help you get more press coverage, more credibility, more attention, and more customers.

4. Yield: Your book can produce a good return for the effort or investment you put in.

Getting published on Kindle is not only free, but you can earn royalties too.  And a whole lot more royalties than you’d ever get from a traditional publisher.  If you’re publishing a print book with a traditional publisher, your share of the profits may be less than $1-2 a book.  With Kindle, you can get up to 70% of the purchase price!

Of course, you need to sell books in order to earn royalties.  The good news is that Amazon is gives you a helping hand there, too. Big Machine –  Amazon actually helps you market your book in the Kindle store and beyond, by providing a sales page, and by putting your book in front of browsers looking at related books.

So, getting published on Kindle is E.A.S.Y. and very rewarding. Don’t wait any more. Get started today with publishing your book on Amazon Kindle.

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