12 Exciting Reasons To Write A Book Now

Have you been dreaming of becoming an author? If so, now is a great time to do it. Just in case you haven’t noticed there’s an Information Revolution of sorts still going on. No, the Information Age didn’t die at the dawn of the Digital Age. It was simply reborn and raging simultaneously which is pretty cool for aspiring authors. I was thinking about you and wanted to encourage you. There’s still time to jump in; put your important message in a book. Here’s thirty exciting reasons to do it now:

1. Write a book now; now really is better than later.
2. Write a book and make your Mother proud; the opinion of family matters.
3. Write a book and become famous; author is still a prestigous title.
4. Write a book and gain leverage in your business; you gain a giant leap ahead.
5. Write a book and create an additional income stream; you create diversity in your assets.
6. Write a book and travel the world speaking about it; take advantage of new opportunities.
7. Write a book to get a competitive edge in your business; push past your peers without a book.
8. Write a book because your friends said you couldn’t; take creative revenge with success.
9. Write a book and become a celebrity in your home town; make your childhood friends green with envy.
10. Write a book to celebrate National Book Month; get started in October.
11. Write a book and send it to your worst teacher in grade school; especially if she said you would never amount to anything.
12. Write a book to make Dad glow with pride; he’ll love telling his friends about you, the author in the family.
If you don’t get started writing your book now, you may never receive all the increased influence and opportunities waiting to come your way. So go ahead; write a book and watch your profits explode like a rocket headed to the moon. Here’s to seeing your name in print, sooner than later!

Powerful Ways to Get Started Writing a Book:

Take action. Do something toward your book writing goal before your head hits the pillow tonight or at least within 48 hours.

Read more in 100 Exciting Reasons to Write a Book  Here  It helped me get excited and stay excited to completion of my first book.

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