3 Super Sized Reasons To Write And Publish A Book

Are you concerned about the economic times and publishing a book. Well, if so, you’re not alone. We all feel a twinge of emotion when we see the Dow drop or our country’s financial market react to an economic cloud. But here’s another perspective. As you may know, adversity is seed for opportunity. According to how tough the season is, we have opportunity to get bitter or better.

As a matter of fact, challenging times are opportunity for the greatest innovation and the greatest breakthroughs. I think its because when we’re pressed, stretched and less time to do it all, it becomes a catalyst for change, even victory.

I’m a witness to this principle; some of my best work was developed when I was pressed and stretched to the max. After realizing that, know that your book is a product and not just a work of art.

So, with all of that in mind here are three reasons NOW is a good time to write and publish a book. Do it now and you get to:

  1. Take advantage of opportunities. Doing a book now, you gain the opportunity to achieve greater focus which equals better, faster results, increased income. With my first book, I noticed when I had to reign in my core ideas to fit into a book, it brought greater focus and clarity to my overall business.
  2. Develop it as a big business card that puts your existing marketing on steroids. Traditionally, business cards serve as a reminder of you, your business or message to the recipient. In the same way but amplified at 10x your book should serve as a reminder of you and your expertise.
  3. Target your audience. Solve their biggest problems, entertain and educate them. As a matter of fact, it’two of the top reasons people read. So, add entertainment and most of all education to your book. Your readers will love it and become your best promoter, telling everyone about your important message.

You have three super sized reasons to write and publish your book now, go get your success. Take two or three of the reasons I gave you above and give your book a mission. Build your big success with a book starting NOW! Best wishes from America’s Book Success Coach. -Earma

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