3 Steps To Jumpstart A Book

Here’s another another key to my signature system of writing and publishing a book this year called Signature Book Camp

It is a huge key to creating a lead-magnet and client  attracting book.

In fact, its seems to be so well hidden in plain sight  that I call it ‘the best kept secret’

What is this secret? I’ll tell you in a minute. First,  let me show you how powerful it is.    I’m my first and best example of using a book to create the  business and life I wanted.

Not long ago, I revised and published my original book in a long  weekend.

Within a week or so of re-publishing the book, I put a sentence  (news announcement) about my upcoming book in my email  signature line and won placement of it as the gift  book featured in a writer’s conference packet to nearly  300 conference registrants and a lucrative speaking engagement.

Yet none of this would have happened had I not implemented  the one key thing I’m about to tell you about.

Here it is:

If you want your book to attract more clients or create  multiple streams of income, you must give it a mission.

**You must start with the end result in mind.**

Do this correctly and it will catapult you into the dream  life you want for yourself and family.

Unfortunately, many newbie authors don’t know to do this.  So their plans falter before they even begin.

It is critical to identify your goals for the book BEFORE  you begin writing it.

If you don’t, it’s like going on a long journey without a  map and most importantly a destination.

So let me share with you three of five steps in the time-tested  system I used so you, too, can create measurable  book goals that instinctively inspire and motivate you to  accomplish them.


Jumpstart A Book – Three Easy Steps


Step #1):  Pinpoint Your Core Values

Your core values are the things that really matter most to  you in your heart.

When you publish a book whose topic and content are  aligned with your core values, you’ll automatically be more  peaceful and happy while accomplishing it.    Then when it’s done, you will experience the fulfillment  of holding YOUR BOOK in your hands and sharing its message  with your readers.

With all that said, you will naturally be more  successful in your book journey.

Step #2):  Write Your Vision

Draft a vision of the dream life and business which  you want your book to catapult you into. This vision should  in essence contain everything that matters deeply to you.

Here is a core question you can answer from Business Expert and  BestSelling Author Brian Tracy.


Do This Exercise…


“If you had all the time, and all the money, and all the  resources, and all the contacts, and everything you need,  and you wanted to design your life and business perfectly,  what would it look like five years from now?”


Step #3):  Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Next, create goals for your book that are congruent with  the core values and dream you just described.

Do this and you will naturally feel more inspired, motivated, and  energized to ACT on your goals daily.

To speed up your progress, set S.M.A.R.T. goals — Specific,  Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based.

SMART criteria are commonly attributed to Peter Drucker’s  management by objectives concept.

At any rate, setting your goals using the S.M.A.R.T. Goals formula  creates a streamlined focus that connects with the powerful,  cybernetic, goal-seeking-missile (heat-seeking-missile like) ability  within each of us.

Now pair this with the steps I taught you in earlier trainings  about setting intention goals.

For instance, you might say “I write just two pages a day  of just rough draft copy – no editing for just 70 of the 100 days  and my 140-page first draft is in my hands by (insert a date 100  days from now).”

And for those multiple money streams we’ve been talking about,  you might say, “I write each book chapter so it can also be  sold as a standalone $97 audio or video product and as a session  in my $3,000 three-day seminar.”

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