3 Myths That May Block You From Authoring A Book

Are you a speaker or a business professional? If so, this may interest you that are struggling to finish your book. To be honest, my clients tell me you both alike feel confident with communicating your message orally. You can spout your message in an elevator speech with the accuracy of a scientist. But when it comes to putting it on paper, this is where the struggle begins. Through speaking and writing myself, I have discovered three top myths that often block or slow the progress of expert speakers and business professional friends from completing their book fast. I promise. It’s not hard once you know exactly what to do. Successful writers set up a system of writing. Destroy these myths and use your system of writing and write your book fast.

Myth 1            My book is not a product; it’s personal even a work of art. Do a reality check. Treat your book as a product. It was one thing to write your family’s history book or a compilation of your favorite quotes. You had no plans of marketing it to the world. It’s another thing to write a book about a topic in your field. Your expectations are different and quite higher. If book is built and marketed correctly, you can expect your book about a topic in your field to brand your business; it can make you a sought after expert and draw hundreds of new clients. Set your book up to succeed by building it to generate leads and attract clients automatically. Building your book this way, you create it once and it will work for you over and over again. Furthermore, putting these lead generators and client magnet elements in place will form your book into an asset that produces lasting passive income. I teach my students how at our newest book, the Signature Book Camp with a forthcoming companion book: The New Book Model.

Myth 2: Later is better than now. Create a sense of urgency! Many less determined writers get discouraged and quit because their book journey is not as easy and fast as they thought. May I gently say, “Get over it.” Most worthwhile endeavors take perseverance and hard work. Here’s a different perspective; the attention, direction and intent it takes to overcome most obstacles can be developed into new strengths and skills. Act now. Too many of us for too long have hid behind the words, “It’s too hard. It will take too long.” Now is the time to take charge of our fears and conquer them. First things first, to overcome procrastination -the fear of failure- is to act now. Most times the bottom line of procrastination is fear of failure. If your schedule hasn’t permitted you to follow my steps exactly, don’t give up. You can go back anytime and follow my system to a 24/7 lead generating book. Remember, action will destroy fear. Each successful step of your system will deal a death blow to fear.

Myth 3:           I need to become a hermit for a year. Avoid marathon writing. It doesn’t mean you can’t write it fast. Have you thought, “I have to get away from everything to write a successful book?” No you don’t. I know several novelist and non-fiction book writers who had to write during a long commute to get their book written and out to the world. Additionally, I now take students on a weekend journey in my WeekendToABook.com book camp. Either way, whether it’s a long weekend, six weeks or 100 days, people are getting their books completed because they systematically worked on their book until it was done. In the midst of your busy life, designate your time to write (work on your book) with a goal to completion. (Reasonable time to completion)

Myth 4: I can’t keep up with where I am after interruptions of life. Keep going after life interrupts. Set yourself up for success; use the tracking approach. I can’t keep up with where I am after interruptions of life. It is a common challenge to find your place after being interrupted with family, work and daily life. After all that’s why many think you have to get away to get it done effectively. Yet, there’s hope for those who can’t get away or choose not to. Successful writers all over the world use the tracking approach. They succeed because they commit to doing a little each day or each week, whatever your set time frame. Here’s two methods you could use for your tracking.

Time is the method where you commit to a writing a certain amount of time each day. With the cumulative factor involved your commitment doesn’t have to be that much. For example, to accomplish my book writing goals I commit to writing one hour a day in my most productive time. For me it is right after my meditation and reading time. With this method don’t be overly concerned about how much you write, just keep the time commitment. Then as your momentum, and it will, increase your time.

The other method is focused on output. Commit to writing a certain number of words or pages a day, perhaps 750-1,000 words or approximately three and a half pages double-spaced text. The key factor is to stick to it until completion.

Quick Tip: You may ask how do I get started after interruptions or even in my daily allotted slot so that I don’t spend a lot of time re- locating where I stopped? Start your daily writing session by re- reading the last words you wrote the day before. This will get you back in the flow. The continued cycle of review will create a momentum that will keep you going to completion. Another piece of advice, is to create a support system that will help isolate you from telephone calls and interruptions during your daily Tracking Session.

Writing a book is a journey. Most journeys go so much smoother with a system in place. Taking the simple steps above will get you started fast and keep you going to completion. Start today then complete and release your significant message in a book to the world.

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