2010 Gift Ideas for Aspiring Authors and Writers P1

Are you looking for a gift for the aspiring author or writer in your life? You may be tired of giving the usual. You know the pen and pencil set or the blank journal. With a little help from a fellow writer (that’s me); you can choose a gift that your loved one will treasure. Besides that they will look at you with an extra gleam in their eye for being so thoughtful. To celebrate the aspiring author in your life here’s 21 gift ideas to choose from:

1. eBook reader
Most writers are avid readers. But like any millennium professional person, they struggle to find the time to fit reading in their schedule. Give them the gift of an ebook reader. The Amazon Kindle was listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things back in 2008. It’s been amazing to see everyone scrambling to get their brand of ebook reader to the market. For example, iPad & Barnes & Nobles Nook have most likely positioned in front of the Kindle. Anyway, your writer would enjoy the easy on the eyes electronic reader. Using cell phone technology one can download the books straight from their chosen brand Apple’s eStore, Barnes & Noble or Amazon Kindle store after purchase. The books are cheaper and in a few minutes you’re reading your favorite business book or novel.

2. Magazine subscription
Purchase them a subscription to a journal or magazine you know she enjoys. Writers have to stay knowledgeable in their field. If you don’t know what she enjoys, you’re probably safe with a publication similar to the kind of work she writes. Poets and Writers Magazine or Writers Digest are safe choices. If you’re not sure about those choices, visit the lists of literary magazines on the magazine rack in Borders or at a local independent bookstore.

3. Current year’s writers market guide
If the writer in your life is serious about publishing their work, then you can save her the expense of replacing it this year. Perhaps you know her specific market, you can get something like the Novel and Short Story Writers Market, Poetry Writers Guide. Or purchase the Guide to Literary Agents; if you know she has a manuscript in the drawer.

4. Gift cards to office supply store or bookstore.
Writers can always use paper, pens and printer ink cartridges. Or if she’s all stocked up she would be thrilled at the opportunity to just buy a book she’s been wanting. You might think about a gift card or certificate from Amazon.com, Borders or Wal-Mart.

5. Journal or blank books
Blank books may sound like the same old thing but they really are a good idea for a writer. Make sure it has an unexpected twist to it. Look for the unusual; a leather bound edition is a good choice. Or consider an inspirational journal with nice quotes at the top of each blank page.

6. Pamper sessions
Think of anything that pampers your writer’s body and soul. Many writers are challenged with carpal tunnel, stiff necks and stiff backs from long hours of writing. Consider a session with a massage therapist, bath soaps, and manicures, climbing gym passes or a membership with your local exercise gym. If none of the above sounds like pampering to your writer, try inspirational music, a favorite novel or a yoga session.

7. Favorite author’s book or tickets
You get to be creative here. Get a copy of her favorite writer’s book; send it to them to sign and send back. Be sure to include S.A.S.E. so they can send it back without cost on their part. If your writer already has signed copies of all her favorite authors, try getting tickets to one of their events nearby.

Don’t let the writer in your life think you don’t appreciate him. Choose one of the gifts above and touch their soul. I’m almost sure they will gush all over you with thanks. No need to tell them where you got the idea. Just enjoy the holidays with family and friends. The Book Writing Coach is wishing wonderful success to your writer friends!

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