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Have you wondered what makes one book’s web site sales soar and another book’s sales go flatter than a pancake? First things first, words sell not flashy web sites. Bouncing balls and flashy entry pages have never sold anyone anything; only words can do that. You must write to convince people to take action.
Most prospects will never pull out their wallets because they like your web design; they do so only when your words convince them to. Here are some tips to create compelling sales letters that sell your book:

1. Create outstanding graphics. If, you want to inspire immediate confidence and credibility with your book website visitors, your website must look professional. There are many do-it-yourself options available on the Internet. One great graphics creator that I use for my graphic sales headlines and buttons is http://freegraphiccreator.com/ Remember, if you don’t have the time or desire to learn graphic design hire a graphic designer.

2. Create a compelling (must get information) headline. Researchers have proven negative headlines works best. For example, “Stop Making these Site Mistakes – Discover 10 Vital Things to Do Right Now” will get the attention of anyone struggling to make sales online using their website. It will make them want to read more. The same goes for “Don’t Even Think About Skipping This Page!” People by nature are attracted to the negative. Why do you think the Jerry Springer’s show is so popular or even Desperate Housewives. People react to the negative in spite of themselves. It will create a curiosity pull. Just don’t go overboard; use this principle sparingly. You don’t want to unwittingly create a negative flow in your business.

3. Use the Command statement for an immediate effect, ‘Become an Internet Millionaire!” Even if it’s a well worn claim, it still captures a large share of attention. Don’t forget the power of the simple ‘How To” information title. It alerts your audience that the information that follows will be simple and easy to digest. Capture the attention of your audience with a sales letter filled with magnetic headlines.

4. Avoid all caps or bold caps in your headlines.  All caps reduce the readability of your copy. It makes it harder to understand. It interrupts the flow of your message and slows your reader down. Use bold to emphasize a point and underlined to especially emphasize. Headlines can have every other word starting with the first letter capped. The variety will be much more effective than all caps. Besides, it’s poor etiquette to shout at your web visitors; online creating a sentence in all caps is equivalent to shouting.

5. Write compelling copy. Draw your reader in like a big fish on a hook. Entice them to want to know more and more. It takes practice but use the copy that sold you as a template. Use benefits including the interactive and the enticing format.

6. Connect your dots. Create copy that flows smoothly from point to point. Again, it takes a little practice but you can achieve great flow by pinpointing your transitional points. Smooth them by using transitional paragraphs and new point headlines. If written correctly, long copy works best.

7. Create a sales template file. Start a file with all the good sales letters you encounter along the way. You can learn a lot by studying other successful letters. Don’t plagiarize (copy word for word.) But do use the good letters you collect as your templates.

8. Make a list of your audience’s frequently asked questions. You know the ones you answer on a weekly and sometimes daily basis in your day to day operations or the subject of your book. Go one step further make a list of their problems and challenges. Are they trying to lose weight? Are they bouncing from diet to diet with little or no success?

Stop your web site visitor in their tracks with questions that engage them like, “Are you tired of bouncing from diet to diet?” “Are you ready to throw in the towel on ever losing weight?” After you have listed and given voice to their problems, you then follow with your solution. The solutions are crafted as benefits.

9. List your prospect’s buyer resistances. We all have them. So don’t ignore this portion of your letter. Life has a tendency to make us skeptical of anything. Let your prospect into your world. Tell a background story to help them connect with your book and the solutions inside. To continue with the diet example, perhaps you have experienced bouncing from one diet to the next.

Let your readers feel your struggle. No one chooses to go from one thing to the next. One by one address their resistances, their doubts and fears. Then you discovered the seven step program that is destined to be their last diet (your program) like it was yours…

10. List the top ten to fifteen benefits of your product or service. Put your list in bullet form. Always focus more on your benefits than the features. Explain your benefits. Benefits are what move people to act. For example, “This plan (your book) will save you time, effort, energy and money because of the built in features.”
It creates more value if you said, “Think of all the time, energy and money this plan will provide you with it’s lifetime guarantee,” instead of “This benefits of this plan will last a lifetime.”

11. Add Testimonials. Most everyone wants to know who else has used your service and had a good experience. Testimonials speak up for your book. They act as a referral and even an endorsement. The compliments from another customer help melt away your prospect’s fears and doubts about buying from you online.

12. Make your copy error-free. If you have misspelled words or incomplete sentences, you will lose sales. Design your copy to be specific. Vague copy will also hinder your sales. It will prompt a lot of questions. If you are getting sales without a lot of questions, you know you have done a good job with your sales copy.

If you don’t do it now, you could be this time next year with the same dreary, unprofitable response from your book’s web site. Hire a 24/7 salesman (your book sales letter) and put your Internet marketing into over drive to maximum sales.


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