5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Book When Your Passion Is Writing

Monday’s Book Marketing Minute: Twelve Ways to Promote Your Book When Your Passion is Writing

Have you been looking for ways to promote your book with what you love? If you love writing, there are great ways to use your gift. I have listed a few for you. Start with a couple and incorporate into your marketing system using your passion. Here are some quick tips to get you started promoting using your gift. Let the world know about your book with writing.

1)    Publish an ezine. Many think ezines are an old hat because the market is so saturated with them. If you use your original unique content, you’ll find there are still lot’s of people still interested in signing up for your newsletter. There are 7 ways to develop your unique ezine. Click Here to send for free report: 7 Popular Ways to Produce a Profitable Newsletter.

2)    Each year, combine the year’s worth of ezines into an e-book. Give away a free incentive for one of your products or services. Give away a free incentive for one of your products or services. Additionally, each quarter take the best of your articles and place them in print newsletter to use as part of your marketing materials. Send them to your list of friends, family, colleagues and of course potential client list.

3)    Put articles on your website. Be sure to include on each page permission paragraph allowing your articles to use by others. Then include a link to your auto responder email address.

4)    Submit articles to article directories on the web. Click here for starter list of links to article directories that I use or have used. This is a quick way to use viral marketing and create more exposure for your website and book.

5)    Develop a Power Packed Signature Box. Doing this will make sure you have a compelling ad traveling with each article or tips sheet you write and submit. If you need help with add power to your signature box click here for free article “How to Make Your Signature Box Sing!

Are you ready to get started yet? Implement these tips and use your passion of writing to promote your book. Go ahead. You’ll see your passion is contagious. You will gain more exposure, more subscribers and more book sales than you ever dreamed, all while doing what you love.


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Take action. Do something toward your book marketing goals before your
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