5 Easy Book Parts That Inspire Profits

Have you seen a self published book with a lousy looking inside, lately? You opened it
up; the great wall of words like the great wall of China seemed impenetrable.
There were no obvious invitations to read. There were no attention getting
headings, titles, lead-ins, pull-outs, bullet points or sections. As you may
know, your book must be inviting and easy to read to inspire readers to read in
the fast paced new millennium. If it doesn’t it may turn your potential readers
off. A few may push past and read. But many will never read your important
message and worse yet, never pick your book back up. There are several ways to
make your book inviting and easy to read. One of the top ways is good

Including all of the necessary parts of a book and putting them in the right order is the
first step to making your self published book inviting, credible and
professional. The inside of your book, which we (the publishing industry) call
the book block, is divided into three main sections: the front matter, book
block text, and back matter.

To create an inviting book that inspires credibility and professionalism, make sure your
manuscript includes all three sections combined into a single document. I’ve
listed the top twelve of twenty-one possible parts below. You don’t have to use
them all but to produce a professional looking book, it’s a good idea to use
most of them.

1.  Front Matter. Front matter introduces your book to your readers. The front-matter section, which
appears before the main text, comprises a few pages that include the book’s
title, the author’s name, the copyright information and perhaps even a preface
or a foreword. Use the list of common front matter pages below to identify
those pages that are suitable for your book.

2. Book Half Title Page. The half title page is the first page of your book and contains your title only. This
page does not include a byline or subtitle. The designer will add this to your
book layout.

3. Series Title Page. Use the second page of your book to list any of your previously published books by
title. It is customary to list the books chronologically from first to most
recently published. Listing the title only is standard, but in nonfiction
works, you may also list the subtitle if you feel it is essential. A common way
to begin this page is, “Also by [author’s name] …”

4. Title Page. The title page is the part of your book that shows your full book title and subtitle,
your name, and any co-writer or translator. The publishing company or you as
indie publisher will add logo and locations at the bottom of the page. The
designer will add this to your book layout, although if you have a specific
idea of how you want this to look, you may include it.

5. Copyright Page. The copyright page contains the copyright notice, which consists of the year of
publication and the name of the copyright owner. The copyright owner is usually
the author but may be an organization or corporation. This page may also list
the book’s publishing history, permissions, acknowledgments and disclaimers.

Don’t limit your publishing success; create all the parts to your book. The right
book parts in the right place will create a direct path to more profits with
your professional book. Now, go make your publishing venture a successful one.
Happy Publishing!

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