5 DIY Book Cover Parts That Seal The Sale

Do you have your book cover sales copy written yet? If not, you may be missing out. I hear you; missing out on what you might ask. New milleninium experts tell us, ‘Write your cover copy before you write your book.” Here’s why I agree and you should write your sales copy first. You crystalize your message; it helps you focus on who your audience is and what you will offer them inside your book. It really is true; clarity equals compelling and compelling equals more sales. And you the independent publisher knows what comes next; more sales equal more money!

As an indie publisher, whether you decide to design your own cover or outsource to a cover artist it’s a good idea to write a rough draft of your book cover sales copy. Yes, even before you write your book. If you’ve been reading my blog long, then you’ve heard me mention the passon points (selling points) of your book. They are simply strategic spots that you put your best sales pitch to convince your potential reader to purchase your book. I know many of you have told me you are in the midst of finishing your manuscript. But there are still lots of us that have barely begun, whether you are begining your first or fourth book. Here are ten tips to create your book cover parts to seal the sale:

1. Front cover. Yes, it’s still true and I’m saying it again. Book covers sell books!   There are plenty do-it-yourself options available, including book cover templates that can jumpstart your design. Personally, I love covers that speak the message. I have a feeling you do too. Think of your favorite book. If you remember, what elements drew you to pick it up. Was it the color or the bold typeface fonts that caught your attention? Then whether you do-it-yourself or outsource, put your best foot forward with a attention-getting book cover that invites your reader in for the read.

2. Spine. In the world of digital books, perhaps the spine is not as important as it once was. Yet, you want to make sure you include the proper parts for any physical book displays your book may participate in as a self published book. Your name, book title, publishing name and/or logo.

3. Back cover. For physical displays, review purposes the overall back cover may be the second most important part of your book cover. Endorsements, testimonies, reader benefits will go a long way in convincing your potential reader and/or customer to purchase.

4. Testimonials and/or endorsements. Start before your book is fully written with getting endorsements and testimonials. It’s human nature, people will believe what others say about you long before they believe what you say about yourself or your work. Solicit a variety of testimonials from a celebrity in your field to a normal reader. Also, don’t be afraid to approach colleagues or other experts in your field. You never know until you ask; they may be happy to endorse your book. Yes, it’s better if you have gained some type of relationship with the person you are approaching. Are you on their mailing list, a member of their fan club or purchased something of theirs? I’m simply saying now is not the time to be shy.

5. Bulleted benefits. If there’s room after prominent endorsements, you must put as many reader benefits as you can on the back cover, book title, subtitle and headlines. With these teaser statements, you want to entice your readers to read your book. For example, after your introduction paragraph or sentence you could write, Inside this book, you will discover…Then you list the benefits.

Now is the time to seal the sale with sizzling book cover parts! Don’t hold back any longer. Now that you know exactly how to sizzle your book cover parts, you can create a cover that helps sell your book. Make us proud and develop your book cover to represent you and your book well.

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